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the also-rans
Chris Kelly, Mary Saunders, Matt Saunders, Denny Donovan, & me.
the online archive of my last band (2000-2002). a bunch of free mp3s,
a complete live show diary, lots of photos, and more.

starlight conspiracy
Jan Tofferi, Shawn Flanigan, Denny Donovan, & me.

the in-progress online home of the band I was in from 1994 to 1998.
every song we ever recorded is up there for download.

the four color manual
Colin Clary, Dan Scinta, & yours truly.

someday i'll get around to scanning in some pics, posting a few mp3s,
and making a little site for this trio I was in from 1997 to 1998.

Mike Barrett, Jedd Kettler, Zach Ward, & me.

a trio that turned into a quartet that turned into a mess.  Mike Barrett
designed this little site, which will eventually include a bunch of mp3s.

Tim Lauben, Nick Nichols, & me.
a rock trio, and the second band I ever played in (1993 - 1994, i think). 

again, there's no site ... but hopefully this winter there will be.

Jan Tofferi, Bob Higgins, Nick Nichols, Jedd Kettler, & me.
my very first band... a pop quartet that got a little louder when Jedd
joined up.  the site is a placeholder, and will grow when i find the time.