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the also-rans

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biography & press

> press excerpts...

"This is a relatively gripping debut CDEP of heavy pop rock from Boston.  A major Jawbreaker influence permeates both the vocals and the music.  Quality early '90s material here, so if you liked the early '90s, you'll dig this."
                                             Punk Planet, Sept/Oct 2002           click for write-up

"Dare I say this is amazing?... wise beyond their years... blown away by their
appreciation for early Archers of Loaf, Treepeople, & Versus, and their ability
to apply these well-worn influences into such warm, buzzing songcraft."
                                          the Big Takeover, Spring 2002     click for full write-up

"This is the kind of record that you get after months of waiting and wonder, 'Why the heck are there only three songs?' ... The Also-Rans could be Boston's next big thing... I want more!"
                  Heath Row's Media Diet, Online, May 2nd, 2002     click for full write-up

"... the Also-Rans are the kind of band who wear their hearts on their collective sleeve, pouring every bit of sincerity and emotional honesty they can into their songs..."
                                                                Splendid eZine, Online, April 10th, 2002

"Chris Kelly and Mary Stopas' vocals blend so effortlessly, and the band is
tighter than a Phyllis Diller facelift. I can't wait to hear more..."
                                       the Noise, Boston, MA, April 2002     click for full write-up

"... a spirited collection, the pick of the litter being "Resignation Letter" a melodic tune that works a good riff and creates a compelling dynamic..."
        Burlington Free Press, Burlington, VT, March 21st, 2002      click for full write-up

> click here for a february 2002 interview with chris at the secretpants site.

> biography  

the Also-Rans were a five-piece rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that made music and played shows from the fall of 2000 to the fall of 2002.

Chris Kelly played guitar and sang.

Mary Saunders also sang and occasionally played guitar.

Denny Donovan played guitar.

Matt Saunders played bass.

and Brad Searles played drums.