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[Tonight In Somerville] NEW MUSIC NIGHT with a free NEW DOG performance! (plus last NMN’s playlist)

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New Music Night, the free monthly DJ event we host at the ONCE Lounge in Somerville, returns this evening with an extra something added: Along with the usual tacos, ticket giveaways, and playlist of new songs will be a special live performance from Anar Badalov, aka New Dog. It’s a send-off of sorts, as the former Travels/Metal Hearts member starts a European tour in a couple of weeks. I’ve featured a few New Dog songs during past NMN sets (off his two most recent, and most excellent, full-lengths), so it’s only fitting that Anar is the first live act to share one of the evenings.

My DJ set, and the accompanying ticket giveaways, start around 8pm, with New Dog around 9, and more new music after he finishes up. The giveaways? Only good stuff, including pairs of passes for upcoming shows by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh), Sam Coomes (Quasi/Heatmiser), & Saqqara Mastabas (Matthew Friedberger from Fiery Furnaces & Bob D’Amico from Sebadoh), the Thalia Zedek Band (album release show!), Minibeast, Black Helicopter, & Positive Negative Man, Rocky Votolato & Chris Staples, The Album Leaf & Sister Crayon, The Allah-Las & Tops, and LVL UP. Like I said, only good stuff.

The latest edition of the Daykamp-designed poster, followed by last night’s New Music Night playlist. See you tonight?

@ ONCE Somerville
from Monday, July 18th, 2016

01. Eric Bachmann & Jon Rauhouse – “Lilliwaup
02. Adam Remnant – “When I Was A Boy
03. New Dog – “Boy’s Own
04. Hiss Golden Messenger – “Biloxi


05. Mill Pond Falls – “Four Roses
06. The Handsome Family – “Gold
07. Owen – “A Burning Soul
08. PJ Harvey – “Guilty
09. Morgan Delt – “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside
10. Wilco – “Locator
11. The Sandwich Police (TSP) – “Love Yourself
12. Flock Of Dimes – “Semaphore
13. Thee Oh Sees – “The Axis
14. Allah-Las – “Famous Phone Figure


15. Stargazer Lilies – “When With You
16. LVL UP – “Pain


17. Amy Klein – “American City
18. Weakened Friends – “Crushed
19. Drowners – “Human Remains
20. PowerSlut – “Girl Crush
21. Year Of Glad – “Keeping The Peace
22. Helms Alee – “Tit to Toe
23. Less Win – “Rituals
24. Fireworks – “Bury Me
25. The Julie Ruin – “I Decide


26. Joanna Gruesome – “Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)
27. Pixies – “Um Chagga Lagga
28. Beach Slang – “Punks In A Disco Bar
29. Descendents – “Without Love
30. Dinosaur Jr. – “Tiny
31. Brendan Canning – “Book It To Fresno


32. Doe – “Sincere
33. Dumb Numbers – “Girl On The Screen
34. Sharon Van Etten – “Do You Realize?” (Flaming Lips cover)

Stream many of the tracks found above, some I’ll be playing tonight, and many other share-worthy songs, by checking out the ‘Nac Tracks monthly playlists on Soundcloud.

[Somerville Tonight!] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (& last month’s NMN playlist)

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Another month, another Monday, another New Music Night at ONCE Somerville this evening. By now you may know the deal: A couple hours of new songs interspersed with ticket giveaways and taco-eating. Tonight’s a bit different for me, though, as I’ll be remembering the many hours spent up in the roost at beloved Cambridge bar River Gods, where Chris generously had me along for so many Tourfilter DJ Nights, and where Jay and I started the original editions of NMN. Hosted a bunch of new release listening-parties there, too. Not to mention all the non-DJ nights I ended up sitting at the bar while others spun sounds. When the sudden word of its closing hit, it hit pretty hard.

So many memories. So many people met, friends made, drinks downed, and fries dipped in that extra-awesome aioli.

In the absence of an official wake for our old home, and since I couldn’t make the Chris Ewen-hosted RGs tribute at Zuzu last Thursday, maybe come hang out with us tonight at Once. Perhaps my old partners Chris & Jay will select a few songs? Wonder if I can convince JJ & company to do up a little aioli & fries combo, or maybe name a temporary menu item in RGs honor? Still can’t believe it’s gone. Just like that.

Here’s the latest edition of the poster from Daykamp, followed by the playlist from last month’s NMN. And keep an eye out for details on the upcoming August installment, ‘cuz we’ve got something pretty special planned…

@ ONCE Somerville
Monday, June 13th, 2016

01. The Album Leaf – “Back To The Start
02. Owen – “Lost
03. Marissa Nadler – “All The Colors Of The Dark
04. Secretary – “Words
05. Steve Kilbey + Frank Kearns – “Black River
06. Quilt – “Passersby
07. Rob Sutherland – “Weep Willow
08. Walter Schreifels – “Overjoyed
09. Pale Monsters – “Fine
10. Speedy Ortiz – “Emma O
11. Wye Oak – “If You Should See
12. Night School – “Last Disaster
13. School 94 – “Common Sense
14. Spook The Herd – “Slurpee Surf
15. Spook School – “Gone Home
16. Lady Pills – “Irrelevant
17. Lost Cosmonauts – “Happy
18. Field Mouse – “The Mirror
19. Modern Baseball – “Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind
20. David Bazan – “Oblivion
21. Laura Gibson – “Not Harmless
22. Tall Tales & The Silver Lining – “Boulder To Birmingham” (Emmylou Harris)
23. Lydia Loveless – “Longer
24. Factory Edge – “Lack Of
25. Teenage Fanclub – “I’m In Love
26. Gold Muse – “Trick of Time
27. Bug Jar – “Space Visitor
28. Cities and States – “Ambulance Racer
29. Bruvs – “New Digs
30. Black Helicopter – “Deadlines for Deadbeats
31. Descendents – “Victim Of Me
32. Diarrhea Planet – “Bob Dylan’s Grandma
33. Hallelujah The Hills – “Are We Failing?
34. Stone Roses – “Beautiful Thing
35. Mogwai – “Tzar

Listen to many of the songs above on the oft-updated ‘Nac Tracks streaming Soundcloud playlists.

[Somerville Again Tonight!] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (& last NMN’s playlist)

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One Monday each month I host an evening of new music at the magical ONCE Lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts, and today happens to be one of those Mondays. So at 7:30pm I’ll kick off another New Music Night while the Once staff serves up a selection of killer tacos. Given the weekend’s lingering sadness & anger, I’m looking forward to this one more than usual.

Bonus: Ticket giveaways throughout the night to a bunch of much-recommended Boston-area shows. I’m particularly psyched about this month’s freebies, which include upcoming local appearances by Pale Monsters, Sidewalk Driver, Guillermo Sexo, Pale Hands, Black Helicopter, Shatner, Vic Firecracker, Eldridge Rodriguez, Wye Oak, Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips, Quilt, Widowspeak, David Bazan, Laura Gibson, Hallelujah the Hills, The Barbazons, the Thalia Zedek Band, Black Beach, and Marissa Nadler. Whew.

So come by, hang out, and test your ticket-winning luck while you fill your ears and heart with new songs. And your belly with fresh tacos.

Here’s the latest iteration of the NMN poster from the wonderful Daykamp Creative, this time in soothing fountain blue…

And while I’m at it, here’s the playlist from the previous installment of NMN in May, with a few embedded for your listening pleasure. You can hear more over on my monthly “Nac Tracks” streaming playlists. Dig in…

Monday, May 16th, 2016
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. Andy Shauf – “The Worst In You

02. New Dog – “Our Whole Life

03. Marissa Nadler – “Katie I Know


04. Chris Page – “Bakelite In The Moonlight

05. Andy Sadoway – “Having Trouble Again

06. Trashcan Sinatras – “Autumn

07. David Bazan – “With You

08. Womanizer – “Lie No 5

09. Blessed Isles – “Round and Round

10. Hotelier – “Doing the Unstuck” (Cure cover)

11. Idle Pilot – “Questionable Status

12. Dowsing – “Red Legs Kicking

13. Great Hare – “A Second Chance


14. Modern Baseball – “Everyday

15. Grave School – “Eugene OR

16. A Giant Dog – “Not a Miracle

17. Hurricane #1 – “I Wanna Kill You

18. Jackal Onasis – “Runty Little Puppy

19. The Rutabega – “Nosy Neighbors

20. Yuck – “Bled White” (Elliott Smith cover)


21. Mo Troper – “Happy Birthday

22. Nothing – “Vertigo Flowers

23. Pink Milk – “Detroit


24. Major Leagues – “Leave

25. Augustines – “When Things Fall Apart

26. Ghost Box Orchestra – “Days are Forever

27. Tancred – “Bed Case

28. Speedy Ortiz – “Death Note


29. White Hot Moon – “A Satisfactory World For Reasonable People

30. Black Helicopter – “Under The Gun

31. Savak – “Alive In Shadows

32. Psychic Teens – “Winter Grey

33. Radiohead – “Ful Stop

34. Low – “Not a Word” (with S Carey)

Mark your calendar for the next NMN on Monday, July 18th. Summahtime. At last.

[Somerville Tonight!] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (& last NMN’s playlist)

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 4:16 pm | 1 Comment

This evening brings this month’s installment of New Music Night back to the Once Lounge in Somerville, MA, kicking off promptly at 7:30pm. For the uninitiated: A couple hours of nuthin’ but carefully sequenced new songs spun for your listening pleasure as you inhale tasty tacos and/or get your drink on. Getting to hang there and provide your Monday evening soundtrack is one of the highlights of my month, so come take advantage of my music-nerd obsessiveness and the Once crew’s first-rate cooking skills.

Plus: Ticket giveways! I’ll be drawing winners for pairs of tix to see upcoming shows including Nothing at the Sinclair, A Giant Dog at O’Brien’s, & Black Helicopter’s EP release show next month at Great Scott.

The latest iteration of the NMN poster from Daykamp, in princely purple…

And belatedly, here’s the playlist from last month’s edition. It went a little somethin’ like this…

Monday, April 11th, 2016
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. PJ Harvey – “The Orange Monkey

02. Britta Phillips – “One Fine Summer Morning


03. Andy Sadoway – “IOU

04. Tangible Excitement – “Northland Food Court

05. Lush – “Lost Boy

06. Chris Cohen – “Torrey Pine


07. Nada Surf – “Rushing

08. David Bazan – “Trouble With Boys


09. Systems Officer – “Xon

10. Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – “Quit Being Dicks

11. Sunflower Bean – “Easier Said

12. Guillermo Sexo – “Eclipse

13. Wussy – “Ceremony” (New Order cover)


14. Wire – “Nocturnal Koreans

15. Young Elk – “Debts

16. Undersea – “Winter Lungs

17. Bleached – “Sour Candy

18. Bent Shapes – “86’d In ’03

19. Matt Tong – “Christopher

20. The James Rocket – “We Are Here For You

21. Beverly – “Contact


22. Ship Thieves – “Born Into This

23. Christopher Leaf – “I’ll Try For You

24. Bob Mould – “The End of Things

25. Robert Pollard – “I Can Illustrate

26. Hallelujah The Hills – “The Girl With Electronics Inside


27. So So Glos – “Missionary

28. Savak – “Reaction


29. A Giant Dog – “Sleep When Dead


30. Pinkshinyultrablastv – “Molkky

31. The Gotobeds – “New Dress (Debutante)

32. Summer Cannibals – “Go Home

33. Metz and John Reis – “Caught Up

34. Into It Over It – “Vis Major

35. White Lung – “Hungry

36. Witching Waves – “Twister

37. Eagulls – “Skipping


38. Eric Bachmann – “Belong to You

39. Mogwai – “Bitterness Centrifuge

Many of the songs can be streamed through my monthly ‘Nac Tracks playlists on Soundcloud. Keep an eye/ear on the in-progress May edition, and if you can’t join us this evening, pencil the next NMN for Monday, June 13th.

[It’s IFFBoston Time!] The Music Docs Of The 2016 Independent Film Festival Boston

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It’s April in Boston, which means the tulips have taken root in the Public Garden, the Sox have finally taken the field at Fenway, and now the renowned Independent Film Festival Boston takes to our best area theaters for a solid week of carefully-curated cinematic offerings. Now in its 14th year, the all-volunteer IFFBoston kicks off tonight at the Somerville Theatre with an opening selection of “The Hollars”, directed by and starring Newton-native (and former-Jim Halpert) John Krasinski along with Anna Kendrick and (the always-excellent) Margo Martindale. It’ll wrap up a week from today at the Coolidge in Brookline with a screening of “The Intervention”, directed by (and also starring) Clea Duvall with a solid cast that includes Melanie Lynskey (most recently in HBO’s criminally-cancelled “Togetherness”), Natasha Lyonne, Cobie Smulders, Alia Shawkat, and Ben Schwartz.

Those two features bookend a jam-packed, diverse lineup that, as usual, includes a healthy dose of music-related films. I’ve made a habit of spotlighting those particular selections each year, so here’s a quick rundown for the 2016 edition. It should be noted: This time, it’s personal. Because Pants.

“Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life”
directed by Nate Gowtham & Aaron Faulls

co-director Gowtham will be at the screening

A documentary on singer-songwriter Colin Hay, the former front-man of Australia’s Men at Work.

Screening at the Somerville Theatre
on Monday, May 2nd at 9:45 PM
Tickets & more info

“Hazzard’s Cure”
documentary short directed by C.S. Ward

From the website: “Heavy-metal drummer & longtime Oakland resident Clint Baechle makes art and music while living comfortably outside of society.”

Playing as part of “Shorts B = Bravo: Documentary”
Screening at the Somerville Theatre
on Friday, Apr 29th at 7:15 PM
and Sunday, May 1st at 5:30 PM
Tickets & more info

“High Water Mark: The Rise & Fall Of The Pants”
directed by Bill Simmon

director Simmon will be at the screening

Well, here’s where I throw any and all objectivity out the window. I’ve seen this one, I’m in this one, hell, I lived this one. This is the story of a 90s-era Burlington, Vermont quartet called the Pants and the scene that birthed them. It’s both a universal musical story of a band trying to quote-unquote ‘make it’, and part celebration of a particular time & place (including a bonus Bernie Sanders tie-in). What helps it stand out is the personalities and talent of the gents involved, and the obvious passion of director Simmon, who spent 10 years working on this sucker. He’ll be at the screening for a post-film Q & A on Friday night.

Showing at the Somerville Theatre
this Friday, Apr 29th at 10:00 PM
Tickets & more info

“Presenting Princess Shaw”
directed by Ido Haar

From the website: “Princess Shaw struggles to be heard by posting her songs on YouTube. Then, someone living 7000 miles away discovers her.”

Screening at the Somerville Theatre
on Friday, April 29th at 9:30 PM
Tickets & more info

“Los Punks: We Are All We Have”
directed by Angela Boatwright

From the website: “Explores the Latino punk rock scene of South Central and East Los Angeles.”

Playing at the Somerville Theatre
on Saturday, April 30th at 10:00pm
Tickets & more info

“Who Is Lydia Loveless?”
directed by Gorman Bechard

director Bechard & subject Loveless will be at the screening

This one is a highlight, a deep dive into the in-progress career of rocker Lydia Loveless from director Gorman Bechard, who was responsible for past IFFBoston docs on Grant Hart & the Replacements. I was fortunate to get an early look at this one to write the synopsis for this year’s festival program guide, so I’ll save myself some typing by having you go read that. Then grab your tickets and leave time for a sure-to-be-lively post-film Q&A with Gorman & Lydia herself. Don’t think she’s bringing a guitar with her, but one can hope.

Showing at the Brattle Theatre
this Friday, April 29th at 7:00pm
Tickets & more info

Keep an eye on the IFFBoston Twitter feed and Facebook page for up-to-date fest info, hit their comprehensive website for info on planned parties & panels, and check out write-ups on some of the other IFFB selections from The Artery, the Boston Globe, Cambridge Day, and Boston Common.

keep looking »
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    a night of comedy, & much more
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    Friday, September 9th
    Oddball Comedy & Curiousity Fest
    with Sebastian Maniscalco, Jeff Ross,
    John Oliver, Tom Segura, Jay Pharaoh,
    Pete Davidson, & Katherine Ryan
    @ the Xfinity Center

    Saturday, September 10th
    Viva Gina,
    The Land of Enchantment,
    & The Very
    @ the ONCE Lounge

    Saturday, Sept 10th
    6th annual JP Music Festival
    20+ acts on 2 stages playing
    7 hours of non-stop JP music
    full details & lineup here
    12-7pm @ Pinebank Field
    @ Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plain

    Monday, September 12th
    The Specials
    @ the House of Blues

    Tuesday, September 13th
    Jenny Lewis &
    the Watson Twins
    @ the Citi/Wang Center

    Tuesday, September 13th
    Glen Hansard
    @ the Orpheum

    Wednesday, September 14th
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday & Thursday
    September 14th & 15th
    Okkervil River
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, September 15th
    @ the Royale

    Thursday, September 15th
    Rocky Votolato
    Chris Staples
    @ Great Scott

    Thursday, September 15th
    Drew O'Doherty
    @ the Somerville Armory

    Friday, September 16th
    Cymbals Eat Guitars
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, September 16th
    Blind Pilot
    @ the Royale

    Friday, September 16th
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, September 16th
    The Figgs
    @ Thunder Road

    Saturday, September 17th
    Magic Shoppe
    Dyr Faser
    Violet Nox
    @ the Lilypad

    Saturday, September 17th
    Love Love
    2pm @ Redd's in Rozzie
    (as part of Roslindale Porchfest)

    Saturday, September 17th
    @ Jordan Hall, NE Conservatory

    Saturday, September 17th
    Mike Peters presents
    “The Alarm:
    Spirit of '86 in 2016"
    @ ONCE Somerville

    Saturday, September 17th
    Cold Cave
    @ the Middle East Down

    Saturday, September 17th
    Car Seat Headrest
    Lucy Dacus
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, September 18th
    The Album Leaf
    Sister Crayon
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, September 18th
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Sunday, September 18th
    Young the Giant
    Ra Ra Riot
    @ House of Blues

    Sunday, September 18th
    James Fearney (the Pogues)
    featuring Mark Orrell (ex-Dropkicks)
    and Ted Hutt (ex-Flogging Molly)
    @ Great Scott

    Monday, September 19th
    2 hours of new songs,
    tacos, & ticket giveaways
    hosted by yours truly
    (aka DJ Bad Squirrel)
    6pm @ the ONCE Lounge
    followed by...

    Monday, September 19th
    (after New Music Night)
    Catherine Capozzi/Axemunkee
    Chris Brokaw
    @ the ONCE Lounge

    Tuesday, September 20th
    LVL UP
    @ Great Scott

    Tuesday, September 20th
    Diet Cig
    Free Cake For Every Creature
    @ the Middle East Upstairs

    Tuesday, September 20th
    The Proclaimers
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Tuesday, September 20th
    Band of Horses
    @ the Orpheum

    Wednesday, Sept 21st
    Explosions In The Sky
    Julianna Barwick
    @ the House of Blues

    Friday, Sept 23rd
    @ Lizard Lounge

    Friday, Sept 23rd
    The Bronx
    Dead Heavens
    Pounded by the Surf
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, Sept 25th
    Hallelujah the Hills
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Sunday, Sept 25th
    Peter Bjorn and John
    City of the Sun
    @ the Royale

    Sunday, Sept 25th
    Elvis Costello & the Imposters
    @ the Orpheum

    Monday, Sept 26th
    2 hours of new music,
    ticket giveaways, & tacos
    hosted by DJ Bad Squirrel
    (aka Brad Almanac)
    @ ONCE Somerville

    Monday, Sept 26th
    Kula Shaker
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Tuesday, Sept 27th
    The Levellers
    Jason Bennett & the Resistance
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Tuesday, Sept 27th
    Blitzen Trapper
    Kacy & Clayton
    @ the Sinclair

    Tuesday, Sept 27th
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday, Sept 28th
    Goblin Cock
    @ Great Scott

    Wednesday, Sept 28th
    Russian Circles
    Helms Alee
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, Sept 29th
    The Dear Hunter
    Gavin Castleton
    @ the Paradise

    Thursday, Sept 29th
    Dar Williams
    @ Somerville Theatre

    Friday, Sept 30th
    @ the Royale

    Friday, Sept 30th
    Tanya Donelly
    @ ONCE Somerville

    Friday, Sept 30th
    Caustic Casanova
    @ O'Brien's

    Friday, Sept 30th
    Vanyaland presents...
    Bat House
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Saturday, October 1st
    Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
    Trevor Tanner (The Bolshoi)
    @ O'Brien's

    Saturday, October 1st
    Diarrhea Planet
    Western Education
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, October 2nd
    Poster Children
    @ Great Scott

    Monday & Tuesday
    October 3rd & 4th
    Built To Spill
    Hop Along
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, October 4th
    Temper Trap
    Coast Modern
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday, October 5th
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, October 5th
    The Faint
    Gang of Four
    @ the Paradise

    Thursday, October 6th
    Beach Slang
    Night Birds
    @ the Royale

    Thursday, October 6th
    @ the Paradise

    Friday, October 7th
    Violent Femmes
    @ the Orpheum

    Friday, October 7th
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, October 7th
    playing 'Fantastic Planet'
    @ the Royale

    Friday, October 7th
    Lake Street Dive
    @ the Citi Wang

    Tuesday, October 11th
    Patti Smith talks with author
    Michael Patrick MacDonald
    about her new book "M Train"
    @ Berklee Performance Center

    Wednesday, October 12th
    Methyl Ethel
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, October 12th
    The Joy Formidable
    @ the Royale

    Friday, October 14th
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Saturday, October 15th
    Eric Bachmann
    (Archers of Loaf/Crooked Fingers)
    in an Allston living room

    Sunday, October 16th
    Margaret Glaspy
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, October 16th
    Magic Shoppe
    Rye Pines
    Future Spa
    @ O'Brien's

    Monday, October 17th
    Will Johnson (Centro-matic)
    in an Allston living room

    Monday, October 17th
    Teenage Fanclub!
    @ the Sinclair

    Monday, October 17th
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday & Thursday
    October 19th & 20th
    Joyce Manor
    The Hotelier
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, October 21st
    Maya Rudolph (SNL & more)
    and Gretchen Lieberum
    are PRINCESS
    (a Prince cover band)
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday, October 22nd
    "Mel Brooks:
    Back In The Saddle Again!"
    a screening of Blazing Saddles
    with a Mel Brooks Q&A
    @ the Citi/Wang Center

    Saturday, October 22nd
    Local Natives
    Charlotte Day Wilson
    @ House of Blues

    Sunday & Monday
    October 23rd & 24th
    @ Great Scott

    Tuesday, October 25th
    Elvis Costello
    @ the Orpheum

    Friday, October 28th
    Suzanne Vega
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, October 29th
    Henry Rollins
    (spoken word)
    @ the Wilbur

    Saturday, October 29th
    Cass McCombs
    @ Cafe 939

    Sunday, October 30th
    Flock of Dimes
    (Jenn from Wye Oak)
    @ Great Scott

    Monday, October 31st
    Tegan & Sara
    @ the House of Blues

    Tuesday, November 1st
    Bear Hands
    @ House of Blues

    Tuesday, November 1st
    @ the Paradise

    Wednesday, November 2nd
    S U R V I V E
    @ Great Scott

    Wednesday, November 2nd
    @ the Royale

    Friday & Saturday
    November 4th & 5th
    BRAIN Arts Org &
    Boston Hassle present...
    with Wolf Eyes, Silver Apples,
    Girlpool, Siege, Rhys Chatham,
    Willis Earl Beale, Ava Luna, &
    and many, many more
    over two days at
    @Brighton Music Hall

    Saturday, November 5th
    Damien Jurado
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, November 9th
    Sun Kil Moon
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, November 10th
    Lydia Loveless
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, November 11th
    Slow Club
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, November 11th
    El Ten Eleven
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, November 12th
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Death From Above 1979
    Deep Vally
    @ House of Blues

    Saturday, November 12th
    The Felice Bros.
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, November 16th
    The Dillinger Escape Plan,
    O'Brother, Car Bomb,
    & Cult Leader
    @ the Paradise

    Thursday, November 17th
    Pile, Palm, &
    Dust From 1000 Yrs
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, November 18th
    Two Door Cinema Club
    @ Agganis Arena

    Friday, November 18th
    Kingsley Flood
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, November 18th
    The Appleseed Cast
    @ the Royale

    Saturday, November 19th
    Letters to Cleo
    @ the Paradise

    Friday, November 25th
    Dinosaur Jr.
    Buffalo Tom
    @ the House of Blues

    Saturday, November 26th
    Peter Hook & the Light
    performing Joy Division &
    New Order's "Substance"
    @ the Sinclair

    Monday, November 28th
    Andrew WK (spoken word)
    @ the Paradise

    Thursday, December 1st
    Reverend Horton Heat
    Unknown Hinson
    Nashville Pussy
    Lucky Tubb
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, December 4th
    Red Fang
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, December 10th
    Psychic TV
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Saturday, December 10th
    Kevin Devine &
    the Goddamn Band
    with Pinegrove
    and Petal
    @ the Royale

    Monday, March 6th, 2017
    The Game Of Thrones
    Live Concert Experience
    @ the TD Garden