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[Tonight In Somerville] New Music Night at the ONCE Lounge (plus past playlists)

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The November edition of New Music Night goes down this evening at the ONCE Lounge in Somerville, and I’m deep into prepping the 2-hour playlist of nothing but new tracks. While you’re absorbing the carefully-selected songs (and savoring tacos from the ONCE kitchen), I’ll be picking winners’ names for tickets to some ace upcoming local shows, including Boston-area appearances from Kristin Hersh, Matt Pond PA, Sad13 (Sadie from Speedy Ortiz), and Kurt Vile. Admission is free, taco time starts at 5pm, and I’ll be behind the DJ table promptly at 6 o’clock. Come hang, chow down, listen up, and say hello if you get a chance.

Bonus: As New Music Night wraps up at 8pm, another excellent Bob Colby-presented show kicks off with sets from Só Sol and Cold Expectations. Admission is also free, though donations are encouraged, so toss some dollars in the hat if you’re so inclined. Find more details over on the FB event page.

Want an idea of what you’re in for during tonight’s DJ set? Have a look at the playlists from the previous two NMN installments…

New Music Night playlist
from Monday, October 24th, 2016
@ ONCE Somerville

01. Minor Victories – “Cog” (Orchestral version)
02. Lou Barlow – “Anniversary Song
03. Tony Molina – “See Me Fall
04. Kristin Hersh – “Hemingway’s Tell
05. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – “Let Me Get There
06. Really Big Pinecone – “Big Plans
07. Squirrel Flower – “Not Your Prey


08. Thee Oh Sees – “The Poem
09. Soft Pyramids – “Planes
10. Plastic Flowers – “Falling Off
11. Suburban Living – “If It’s Real
12. Allison Crutchfield – “Dean’s Room
13. Cleo Tucker (of Girlpool) – “Call It Tie
14. Nice Try – “Glow
15. Loney Dear – “Humbug
16. Flock of Dimes – “Potential
17. Mary Onettes – “Juna


18. The Hermit Crabs – “Wonderful” (Rose Melberg cover)
19. American Football – “Desire Gets in the Way
20. Sleepy Monks – “Bodiddly
21. Crying – “Wool in the Wash
22. Dead Cats Dead Rats – “Radio Face
23. The Magic Es – “Colour Up My World
24. Exit Verse – “Sleeping In Graceland
25. Ted Leo – “More Hard Times
26. Sad13 – “Devil In U


27. Vanishing Life – “Realist
28. Affordable Hybrid – “Bat
29. The Wedding Present – “Bells
30. Elephants – “In Place Of
31. Peyton Pinkerton – “Lips and Lungs” (premiere)
32. Hundred Plus Club – “Reminders
33. Terry Malts – “Used To Be


34. Philosophical Zombie – “Inanimate Ending
35. J. Robbins – “Static
36. Pill – “Fetish Queen
37. Major Stars – “For Today
38. Psychic Dog – “Rev Mike
39. Honey Lung – “End Of Time
40. La Bete Blooms – “Breaking In
41. Mint Mile – “City of Speed Traps


42. J Mascis – “Waltz 2” (Elliott Smith Cover)
43. Caspian – “127 North

New Music Night playlist
from Monday, September 19th, 2016
@ ONCE Somerville

01. Sharon Van Etten – “Not Myself
02. Lou Barlow – “In Your Eyes” (Peter Gabriel cover)
03. Ultimate Painting – “Song For Brian Jones
04. Dyr Faser – “Estranged
05. Wilco – “Someone To Lose
06. Tanya Donelly – “Tooraloo


07. The Dodos – “Never Meant” (American Football)
08. American Football – “Give Me The Gun
09. Hiss Golden Messenger – “Tell Her I’m Just Dancing
10. Douglas Fir – “I Know That You Don’t
11. Flock Of Dimes – “You The Vatican
12. The Minders – “Into the River Pt. 2
13. Philosophical Zombie – “Dream On


14. Soft Pyramids – “Paper Houses
15. LVL UP – “Spirit Was
16. The Needy Sons – “Lost Against the Twilight
17. Pixies – “Tenement Song
18. The Dazies – “Little Things
19. The Wedding Present – “Lead
20. Terry Malts – “Seen Everything
21. Boys Forever – “Voice In My Head
22. Halfsour – “Ten Year Tenure


23. Strange Passage – “Lament
24. Tokyo Police Club – “My House
25. Tangible Excitement – “Muddled Whine
26. Bodyheat – “Moon Singer” (Rose Melberg cover)
27. Real Numbers – “Wordless Wonder
28. Split Single – “Leave My Mind


29. Nancy Sin – “Room For Rent”
30. La Sera – “Queens
31. Krill – “Happy
32. James Rocket – “Clothes Make the Man
33. Pansy Division – “He’s Trouble
34. Kestrels – “No Alternative


35. Expanda Fuzz – “It’s Your Glow UFO
36. Kim Gordon – “Murdered Out
37. E – “Great Light
38. Cavemen – “Too High To Die
39. Poster Children – “If You See Kay” (demo)
40. Whoa Melodic – “Goodbye Good Luck And See You

For more ‘Nac-endorsed new music, check out my always-in-progress Nac Tracks playlists over on Soundcloud.

[Friday Nutshells] Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, Rose Melberg, David Bazan, & Exit Verse

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A ‘nutshells’ post, in which I share five new things rattling around my between my ears…

On November 11th, Kristin Hersh will deliver her long-awaited next album, “Wyatt At The Coyote Palace”, in the U.S. (and in the U.K. 2 weeks earlier – lucky sods). It’s her first solo LP since 2010’s “Crooked”, and continues her unique practice of combining her singular talent for songwriting with her more-recently explored knack for book-writing — by releasing it with an accompanying collection of essays.

The Throwing Muses founder hasn’t exactly been resting on her laurels in the six years since her last solo release – Two books (the acclaimed “Rat Girl” memoir and “Don’t Suck, Don’t Die”, her moving reflection on her special relationship with the much-missed Vic Chesnutt – the KH-narrated audio version was just released), a double-length Muses LP (“Purgatory/Paradise“), two releases from her noise-rock trio, 50 Foot Wave, including this year’s “Bath White” EP, and a new trio, Outros, with Chris Brady from (the real) Pond/Audio Learning Center & 50’~ drummer Rob Ahlers. All of this while sharing her creative process with a small army of devoted fans (dubbed “Strange Angels”, who support her work through regular contributions) and suffering some personal upheavals that she’s candidly discussed in recent interviews. There was a time she’d worried she’d lost her songwriting spark, so the announcement of this record came as welcome news indeed.

The first sonic taste of the 24-track (!), double-disc, hardcover book “Wyatt At The Coyote Palace” is “Soma Gone Slapstick“, which also has a new Orrin Anderson-directed video to go along with it…

Pre-order WATCP through Kristin’s website, and while you’re there, check out what it takes to become one of her Strange Angels. Signing up not only gets you her releases, but free tickets to upcoming shows — she hits the road (and the airport) in November for a 6-week international tour that finishes up here in the Boston area at the Sinclair on Sunday, December 18th. Grab tickets for that one right here.

Speaking of the Muses, erstwhile TM co-founder Tanya Donelly is having one hell of an active year with both the return of her beloved 90s-era quartet Belly to live stages and the release of her collected “Swan Song Series” of solo work on American Laundromat records. She just played a couple dates in support of that triple-LP (!) with an ace backing band and a slew of guests at the Somerville show that included Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom/Needy Sons), Tom Gorman (Belly), Sam Davol (Magnetic Fields), and duo Damon & Naomi (Galaxie 500). Not long before that she shared the Brighton Music Hall stage with Janovitz and Mike Gent of (the Figgs/Needy Sons) as part of the Concert Across America. Boston is one lucky town that we get to see these kind of live collaborations so often.

Bill Janovitz, Tanya Donelly, & Mike Gent
at Brighton Music Hall on September 25th, 2016

Tanya’s busy year includes a gorgeous contribution to American Laundromat’s incredible “Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith” collection, which sees its official release next week. My pre-order package arrived a couple days ago, and it’s a something special to behold and be heard, with striking design work from Daykamp Creative, and a ridiculously stacked lineup of artists that includes J. Mascis, Juliana Hatfield, Waxahatchee, Lou Barlow, Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver), Yuck, and more. Order yours over at ALR.

Here’s Tanya Donelly’s gorgeous take on Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars“…

Another lovingly-produced tribute to one of my all-time favorite songwriters was released just last week: The 21-track “Constant and True – A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg” on February Records. The covers come from all throughout Rose’s musical career, including songs from Go Sailor, Tiger Trap, the Softies, her solo releases, and more. Especially excited to see my pals in The Smittens contribute their version of Go Sailor’s “Together Forever In Love“. Have a listen to that track below, hear the rest of the songs at Bandcamp, and order your own copy (with proceeds benefiting Rose’s chosen charity of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada) right here.

After years of begging/demands/threats from the miscreants at the forum, David Bazan is finally gathering together his long-out-of-print Christmas singles into a collection titled “Dark Sacred Night”, which will be out on November 11th.

While he’s released a total of 14 carols since the first 7-inch on Suicide Squeeze in 2002, the compilation gathers just 10 remixed/remastered tracks. Completists need not fear, though, as Amazon let slip the news that there will be a limited edition “Christmas Bonus” 12-inch with the other 4 remaining songs. Look for an official announcement on that companion EP soon, and in the meantime pre-order the “Dark Sacred Night” collection from Undertow or Suicide Squeeze, where you can snag one of the 2000 limited edition blue vinyl (with white snow flakes!) copies.

Here’s one of the tracks, David Bazan’s cover of Low’s “Long Way Around The Sea

I’ve been a fan & follower of Geoff Farina‘s work since his days in Boston trio Karate and duo Secret Stars, have dug his solo work and frequent collaborations with Chris Brokaw, and always look forward to news of another full-band record on the way. November 25th will bring “Grant No Glory”, the sophomore full-length from Exit Verse, Farina’s trio with bassist Pete Croke (Brokeback, Tight Phantoms) and drummer Chris Dye (Speck Mountain, Chin Up Chin Up). The 9-track record follows their 2014 self-titled debut, which was also released by the Ernest Jenning Record Company. Pre-order “Grant No Glory” through Bandcamp while you stream lead-off track “Sleeping In Graceland“…

[Tonight In Somerville] NEW MUSIC NIGHT returns to the ONCE Lounge (plus last NMN’s playlist)

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Well, this worked out quite nicely indeed. When we were trying to figure out which (taco!) Monday evening in September would host the monthly New Music Night at Somerville’s Once Lounge, tonight jumped right out as the ideal choice. The reason? My two hour DJ set of new music and Boston-area ticket giveaways would serve as an intro of sorts for a free performance by singular songwriter Chris Brokaw, who will in turn be opening up for Catherine Capozzi (aka Axemunkee). As a longtime fan of all-things-Brokaw (including Come, Codeine, the New Year, Empty House Cooperative, his duo work with Geoff Farina, and occasional stint helping the Lemonheads sound better), it’s a show I would have been at anyway. Since Chris relocated from Boston to Seattle five years ago (side note: 5 years already?!), his area solo sets are rarer occasions, of course, and even more rarely do they feature the combo of taco accompaniment, free admission, and a carefully chosen playlist of brand new songs to set the mood.

Taco time starts at 5pm, New Music Night (and ticket giveaways) at 6pm, and Chris should start around 8pm. Oh, and about those giveaways? Great stuff this month, including pairs to upcoming area appearances by LVL UP, Pansy Division, Tanya Donelly, Poster Children, Kudgel, Halfsour, and Flock of Dimes (Jenn from Wye Oak!). For more info, check out the Facebook event, and scroll down below this month’s Daykamp-designed flyer for a look at what I played last month at NMN’s August edition…

Last month’s NEW MUSIC NIGHT playlist
from Monday, August 22nd, 2016
at ONCE Somerville

01. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – “Stranger Things” (Extended Theme)
02. Flock Of Dimes – “Everything Is Happening Today


03. Warpaint – “New Song
04. The Faint – “Skylab 1979
05. The Album Leaf – “Glimmering Lights
06. Belle and Sebastian – “Olympic Village 6AM
07. Stove – “Graduate and Congratulate


08. Sam Coomes – “Stride On
09. Dave Godowsky – “Something
10. Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan – “Bastards Of Young” (Replacements)


11. Lydia Loveless – “Out On Love
12. Chris Staples – “Golden Age
13. Smittens – “Together Forever In Love” (Go Sailor cover)


14. Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys! – “A Mountain
15. Darren Hayman – “The Buffet Car Song
16. Allah-Las – “Could Be You
17. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – “A Kiss” (Stranger Things soundtrack)

[ a special live performance from New Dog ]

18. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – “She’ll Kill You” (Stranger Things soundtrack)
19. EZTV – “Reason To Run
20. Tennis – “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar
21. Weakened Friends – “Blankets


22. The Wedding Present – “Broken Bow
23. Pixies – “Talent
24. Walter Schreifels – “Save The Saveables
25. Brendan Canning – “Vibration Walls
26. Bruvs – “Friends
27. Bueno – “Oh Lord I’m Confused
28. Creative Adult – “Moving Window
29. Expanda Fuzz – “Flavour: Zombie
30. LVL UP – “Hidden Driver


31. Endless Arcade – “Lines
32. We Can All Be Sorry – “Nowhere Us
33. Halfsour – “Not Alright
34. Forth Wanderers – “Slop
35. Honey Bucket – “Downtown
36. Joanna Gruesome – “Occult Bookshop
37. Sheer – “Room
38. Joyce Manor – “Fake ID
39. Preoccupations – “Monotony
40. LA Font – “Can’t Be Beat
41. Teenage Fanclub – “Thin Air


42. Suburban Living – “Come True
43. Latchkey Lights – “No Control
44. Lost Film – “As You Were


45. Chris Hansen & Matt Pond – “Someone’s Daughter
46. Pfarmers – “Red Vermin
47. Swirlies – “Fantastic Trumpets Forever
48. Thalia Zedek Band – “360°


49. Eric Bachmann + Jon Rauhouse – “Camille

[Tonight In Somerville] NEW MUSIC NIGHT with a free NEW DOG performance! (plus last NMN’s playlist)

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New Music Night, the free monthly DJ event we host at the ONCE Lounge in Somerville, returns this evening with an extra something added: Along with the usual tacos, ticket giveaways, and playlist of new songs will be a special live performance from Anar Badalov, aka New Dog. It’s a send-off of sorts, as the former Travels/Metal Hearts member starts a European tour in a couple of weeks. I’ve featured a few New Dog songs during past NMN sets (off his two most recent, and most excellent, full-lengths), so it’s only fitting that Anar is the first live act to share one of the evenings.

My DJ set, and the accompanying ticket giveaways, start around 8pm, with New Dog around 9, and more new music after he finishes up. The giveaways? Only good stuff, including pairs of passes for upcoming shows by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh), Sam Coomes (Quasi/Heatmiser), & Saqqara Mastabas (Matthew Friedberger from Fiery Furnaces & Bob D’Amico from Sebadoh), the Thalia Zedek Band (album release show!), Minibeast, Black Helicopter, & Positive Negative Man, Rocky Votolato & Chris Staples, The Album Leaf & Sister Crayon, The Allah-Las & Tops, and LVL UP. Like I said, only good stuff.

The latest edition of the Daykamp-designed poster, followed by last night’s New Music Night playlist. See you tonight?

@ ONCE Somerville
from Monday, July 18th, 2016

01. Eric Bachmann & Jon Rauhouse – “Lilliwaup
02. Adam Remnant – “When I Was A Boy
03. New Dog – “Boy’s Own
04. Hiss Golden Messenger – “Biloxi


05. Mill Pond Falls – “Four Roses
06. The Handsome Family – “Gold
07. Owen – “A Burning Soul
08. PJ Harvey – “Guilty
09. Morgan Delt – “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside
10. Wilco – “Locator
11. The Sandwich Police (TSP) – “Love Yourself
12. Flock Of Dimes – “Semaphore
13. Thee Oh Sees – “The Axis
14. Allah-Las – “Famous Phone Figure


15. Stargazer Lilies – “When With You
16. LVL UP – “Pain


17. Amy Klein – “American City
18. Weakened Friends – “Crushed
19. Drowners – “Human Remains
20. PowerSlut – “Girl Crush
21. Year Of Glad – “Keeping The Peace
22. Helms Alee – “Tit to Toe
23. Less Win – “Rituals
24. Fireworks – “Bury Me
25. The Julie Ruin – “I Decide


26. Joanna Gruesome – “Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)
27. Pixies – “Um Chagga Lagga
28. Beach Slang – “Punks In A Disco Bar
29. Descendents – “Without Love
30. Dinosaur Jr. – “Tiny
31. Brendan Canning – “Book It To Fresno


32. Doe – “Sincere
33. Dumb Numbers – “Girl On The Screen
34. Sharon Van Etten – “Do You Realize?” (Flaming Lips cover)

Stream many of the tracks found above, some I’ll be playing tonight, and many other share-worthy songs, by checking out the ‘Nac Tracks monthly playlists on Soundcloud.

[Somerville Tonight!] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (& last month’s NMN playlist)

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Another month, another Monday, another New Music Night at ONCE Somerville this evening. By now you may know the deal: A couple hours of new songs interspersed with ticket giveaways and taco-eating. Tonight’s a bit different for me, though, as I’ll be remembering the many hours spent up in the roost at beloved Cambridge bar River Gods, where Chris generously had me along for so many Tourfilter DJ Nights, and where Jay and I started the original editions of NMN. Hosted a bunch of new release listening-parties there, too. Not to mention all the non-DJ nights I ended up sitting at the bar while others spun sounds. When the sudden word of its closing hit, it hit pretty hard.

So many memories. So many people met, friends made, drinks downed, and fries dipped in that extra-awesome aioli.

In the absence of an official wake for our old home, and since I couldn’t make the Chris Ewen-hosted RGs tribute at Zuzu last Thursday, maybe come hang out with us tonight at Once. Perhaps my old partners Chris & Jay will select a few songs? Wonder if I can convince JJ & company to do up a little aioli & fries combo, or maybe name a temporary menu item in RGs honor? Still can’t believe it’s gone. Just like that.

Here’s the latest edition of the poster from Daykamp, followed by the playlist from last month’s NMN. And keep an eye out for details on the upcoming August installment, ‘cuz we’ve got something pretty special planned…

@ ONCE Somerville
Monday, June 13th, 2016

01. The Album Leaf – “Back To The Start
02. Owen – “Lost
03. Marissa Nadler – “All The Colors Of The Dark
04. Secretary – “Words
05. Steve Kilbey + Frank Kearns – “Black River
06. Quilt – “Passersby
07. Rob Sutherland – “Weep Willow
08. Walter Schreifels – “Overjoyed
09. Pale Monsters – “Fine
10. Speedy Ortiz – “Emma O
11. Wye Oak – “If You Should See
12. Night School – “Last Disaster
13. School 94 – “Common Sense
14. Spook The Herd – “Slurpee Surf
15. Spook School – “Gone Home
16. Lady Pills – “Irrelevant
17. Lost Cosmonauts – “Happy
18. Field Mouse – “The Mirror
19. Modern Baseball – “Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind
20. David Bazan – “Oblivion
21. Laura Gibson – “Not Harmless
22. Tall Tales & The Silver Lining – “Boulder To Birmingham” (Emmylou Harris)
23. Lydia Loveless – “Longer
24. Factory Edge – “Lack Of
25. Teenage Fanclub – “I’m In Love
26. Gold Muse – “Trick of Time
27. Bug Jar – “Space Visitor
28. Cities and States – “Ambulance Racer
29. Bruvs – “New Digs
30. Black Helicopter – “Deadlines for Deadbeats
31. Descendents – “Victim Of Me
32. Diarrhea Planet – “Bob Dylan’s Grandma
33. Hallelujah The Hills – “Are We Failing?
34. Stone Roses – “Beautiful Thing
35. Mogwai – “Tzar

Listen to many of the songs above on the oft-updated ‘Nac Tracks streaming Soundcloud playlists.

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    Tuesday, March 28th
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    Son Volt
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    Friday & Saturday
    April 14th & 15th
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    "50 Song Memoir"
    50 songs over 2 nights
    @ Berklee Performance Center

    Sunday, April 16th
    The Wedding Present
    Colleen Green
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    Thursday, May 4th
    The Damned
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