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[Last NMNight’s Playlist] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (the next one is Monday, Feb. 1st!)

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Another evening spent in the corner of Somerville’s wonderful Once Lounge, spinning new songs for friends & strangers, but this time… with tacos! And we all know everything is better with tacos. Yes, the once-a-monthly New Music Night has officially moved to Mondays, now teamed up with Once’s ultra-tasty taco nights. Your next opportunity to partake? Monday, February 1st. Bring open ears and a healthy appetite.

In the meantime, have a look below at my playlist from the previous edition, nearly every song with a link to listen. Many can also be found in the monthly Nac Tracks streaming playlists I’m always adding to on Soundcloud. Check out November, December, and for a preview of next time, the ever-growing January collection. 59 cuts and climbing.

Monday, December 21st, 2015
7:30 – whenever
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. Doug Tuttle – “Falling To Believe
      new from the former MMOSS member
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

02. Quilt – “Eliot St.
      from their upcoming “Plaza” LP, out next month
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

03. The Magic Es – “Running Through
      from their debut EP, “We Are Magic”
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

04. The Friday Swaps – “Half Past
      from their WIAIWYA singles club 7-inch
      [ Stream & buy on Bandcamp ]

05. Linton and Stewart – “Looking For A Stranger On The Shore
      collaboration between Amy (Aislers Set/Henrys Dress) & Stew (Boyracer)
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]

06. Cozy Catastrophes – “Go Steady With Me
      off their debut LP, “Have You Ever Heard Of…?”
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

07. Damien Jurado – “Exit 353
      first shared song from his next LP, “Visions of Us on the Land”, out in March
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

08. TW Walsh – “Young Rebels
      off his upcoming “Fruitless Research” LP, out 2/12
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]


09. David Bazan – “Read My Mind” (The Killers cover)
      from his Polyvinyl 4-track Single Series contribution
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]

10. Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – “Business Interruptus
      from the Pinback guy’s upcoming full-length
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

11. Beverly – “Crooked Cop
      first single off their Spring-scheduled sophomore LP
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

12. Halfsour – “Porch Sittin’
      from their imminent Jigsaw Records LP, out Jan. 29th
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]


13. Dressy Bessy – “Lady Liberty
      latest single, featuring guest guitar from REM’s Peter Buck
      [ Stream the song on YouTube ]

14. Pete Astor – “Really Something
      off the upcoming solo LP from the Loft/Weather Prophets member
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]

15. Half Japanese – “Hold On
      from the ‘Perfect’ LP, out next week on Joyful Noise
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

16. The Muscadettes – “My Baby Boy
      from their recently-released “Side B” EP
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

17. The Minders – “Needle Doll
      from their upcoming fan-funded LP, “Into The River”
      [ Listen to the song on YouTube ]

18. Idaho – “Lumberjack
      from their just-released collection of pre-Idaho material
      [ Stream it on Bandcamp ]

19. The Besnard Lakes – “The Plain Moon
      from their “A Complex Coliseum Museum” LP, out this week on Jagjaguwar
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

20. Two Inch Astronaut – “Good Behavior
      from their “Personal Life” LP, out Feb. 5th on Exploding In Sound
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]

21. The I Don’t Cares – “King of America
      2nd single from Paul Westerberg & Juliana Hatfield.
      Their debut LP, “Wild Stab”, is due out this week.
      [ Grab the track on iTunes through Westerberg’s site ]

22. Nada Surf – “Believe You’re Mine
      from their upcoming “You Know Who You Are” LP, out 3/4 on Barsuk
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]


23. Trashcan Sinatras – “Ain’t That Something
      from their fan-funded “Wild Pendulum” LP, due out soon
      [ Hear the track by joining the PledgeMusic campaign ]

24. Soft Science – “Breaking
      from their new split 7-inch with The Luxembourg Signal
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

25. Overlake – “Travelogue
      from their new 7-inch on Killing Horse Records
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

26. Pinkshinyultrablast – “The Cherry Pit
      from their sophomore LP, “Grandfeathered”, out 2/26 on Club AC30
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]


27. DIIV – “Under the Sun
      Off of “Is the Is Are”, out 2/5 from Omnian Music Group
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

28. School of Seven Bells – “Open Your Eyes
      from the upcoming “SVIIB” LP, out 2/26 on Vagrant
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

29. Wild Nothing – “TV Queen
      off their “Life of Pause” LP, out 2/18 via Captured Tracks
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

30. jennylee – “Never
      from the Warpaint member’s debut LP, “right on!” from Rough Trade
      [ Watch the video on YouTube ]

31. Thee Oh Sees – “Fortress
      new single from Castle Face, next LP later this year
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

32. Washer – “Pet Rock vs Healing Crystal
      off their debut LP, “Here Comes Washer”, out this week on EIS
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]


33. Weekender – “Loving Hating
      off their new “Floaty Feeling, Blue” EP from Papercup
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]

34. Big Ups – “Capitalized
      a teaser for the next album, perhaps?
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

35. Beach Slang – “Like A Daydream” (Ride cover)
      from their “I Made This For You” covers cassette
      [ Stream their version on Bandcamp ]

36. Pink Frost – “Where Days Go
      from the newly remastered/remixed “Gargoyle Days” LP
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]

37. Coaches – “That Not This
      from the recently-released “Shush” EP
      [ Stream it on Soundcloud ]


38. Ringtail – “Mask Of Bees
      their debut single, with an EP on the way
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud ]


39. Summer Camp – “I Don’t Wanna Wait ‘Til Christmas
      from their Christmas EP, available on iTunes
      [ Watch the video on YouTube ]

40. Funeral Advantage & Catenine – “Last Christmas
      from the “A Very Allston Christmas Vol. 1” digital compilation
      [ Stream the song on Bandcamp ]

41. Magic Magic – “Blue Christmas
      from the “A Very Allston Christmas Vol. 1” digital compilation
      [ Stream their Christmas cover at Bandcamp ]

42. Elizabeth Morris – “The Season
      from the Allo Darlin’ member’s latest solo EP, “Athens”
      [ Stream it on Bandcamp ]

43. Great Lake Swimmers – “They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore
      (with guest Julie Doiron of Eric’s Trip)
      from The Line Of Best Fit’s free “Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada VII” compilation
      [ Stream the track on Soundcloud ]

44. Southerly – “When I Go Deaf” (Low cover)
      from their covers series
      [ Stream their version on Soundcloud ]


Show up to the next New Music Night on Monday, February 1st, and in addition to the tasty tacos, you’ll be served (world?) premieres of new songs from Magic Shoppe, New Dog, and Mr. TW Walsh. Honored to be able to do so. You can also enter to win pairs of tickets to a few upcoming Boston-area shows, and hopefully some merch if I can swing it. See you then, I’m hopin’…

[Last NMNight’s Playlist] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (the next one is on Dec. 21st!)

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In the “better late than never” category (though aren’t they all, at this point?), here’s the overdue playlist for my most recent stint at the DJ table in the wonderful ONCE Lounge in Somerville, MA. It was the second official NEW MUSIC NIGHT, with a couple hours of just-or-not-quite-released tracks served up alongside some seriously top-notch, locally-sourced eats. Handed out a bunch of Boston-area rock show tickets, too.

More timely is my official announcement of the next installment: Monday, December 21st. Taco Time! Yes, we’re moving to a Monday evening this month, which happens to be ONCE’s weekly (super delicious!) Taco Night. Total bonus, and just a few days before the Christmas holiday. I’ll be doing my best to include some just-released festive songs alongside the regular new music and ticket giveaways, of course.

Follow the many, many links below to stream and buy any of the songs I played, and check out my October & November ‘Nac Tracks Soundcloud playlist to stream a ton more songs not included here. For an idea of what might pop up at the next New Music Night, keep an eye/ear on the December Nac Tracks as well…

Thursday, October 29th, 2015
7:30 – 9:30pm
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. The Album Leaf – “New Soul
      from the forthcoming LP “Between Waves”, out in 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

02. The Davenports – “Miranda In Her Room
      new song with Shirley Simms (Magnetic Fields) on vocals
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

03. All Boy/All Girl – “Andrea Amati
      the latest single from this NYC septet
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

04. The Lowlifes – “Used to Be
      a Beach House cover from Matt Pond‘s new project
      [ Stream at Stereogum ]

05. Birthmark – “How You Look When You’re Falling Down
      title track from Nate Kinsella’s 4th LP
      [ Stream at Polyvinyl ]

06. Soccer Team – “Too Many Lens Flares
      from their debut LP on Dischord Records
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

07. Martin Courtney – “Airport Bar
      from the Real Estate member’s first solo LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

08. Keeps – “I Don’t Mind
      from their debut LP, out in 2016 on Old Flame
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

09. Trashcan Sinatras – “Best Days On Earth
      first shared track from forthcoming crowd-funded LP
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

10. Mal Blum – “Robert Frost
      from Mal’s new LP, “You Look A Lot Like Me”, on Don Giovanni
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

11. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – “Laid” (James cover)
      from the just-released “Hell” EP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

12. New Manners – “Give Me Your Bones
      from their sophomore EP on The Native Sound
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

13. Stove – “Lowt-ide Fins
      off the debut solo LP from this former Ovlov member
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

14. The Besnard Lakes – “Golden Lion
      from their forthcoming full-length “A Coliseum Complex Museum”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

15. Coke Weed – “Dead Man Walking
      from their “Mary Weaver” LP, just out on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

16. Mount Moriah – “Calvander
      from their recent Merge Records 7-inch
      [ Stream over at Merge ]

17. Eternals – “Out Of Context
      off their forthcoming sophomore LP “Isn’t That Anyone”, out in Spring 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

18. Hallelujah The Hills – “It Takes a Somervillage
      from a special single benefiting the Somerville Homeless Coalition
      [ Stream (and donate) at Bandcamp ]

19. Field Music – “The Noisy Days Are Over
      from their forthcoming “Commontime” LP, out Feb. 5th, 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

20. Shearwater – “Quiet Americans
      from the upcoming LP “Jet Plane and Oxbow”, out early 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

21. El VY – “Need A Friend
      mems of the National & Menomena / from debut, “Return To The Moon”
      [ Watch the lyrics video at YouTube ]

22. Pelzig – “Battles
      from the upcoming LP “Medium Cool World”, out 11/27/15
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

23. Pity Sex – “What Might Soothe You
      first single from forthcoming “White Hot Moon” LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

24. Eldridge Rodriguez – “U-Lock
      off the just-released LP from the singer/songwriter of The Beatings
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

25. Wavves – “Pony
      from their latest record, “V”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

26. Wimps – “Suitcase
      title track from their new LP on Kill Rock Stars
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

27. Knife Pleats – “Borders
      from their debut LP on Lost Sound Tapes
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

28. Song and Dance Men – “Bugs Are Nowhere To Be Found
      from the Brazilian band’s new LP on TBTCI Records
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

29. Christopher Leaf – “Show Me the Way (Let It End)
      new track from ex-Young Leaves frontman
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

30. Fuzz – “Rat Race
      from their latest LP, “II”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

31. Sheer – “Uneasy
      title/closing track from their new LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

32. Psychological Zombie – “Savage Mercy
      from their debut LP, “Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue” on Killer Wail
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

33. Basement – “Promise Everything
      from the upcoming “Promise Everything” LP, out in January
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

34. Beach Slang – “Anything Anything” (Dramarama cover)
      from their new all-covers mixtape via Bandcamp
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

35. Cheatahs – “Su-Pra
      from their new LP, “Mythologies”, on Wichita
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

36. Ghost Box Orchestra – “Sound of (Eternal Now)
      title track from their new EP
      [ Stream & buy at Bandcamp ]

RSVP for the next edition of NEW MUSIC NIGHT on Monday, December 21st at 7:30pm at the ONCE Lounge right here. And save room for those tacos.

[Giving Thanks / Live MP3s] RIDE in Boston 2015

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It’s Thanksgiving here in the States, a day when many of us squash any lingering shame associated with long-past cultural genocide by eating, among many, many other things, actual squash. Along with over-indulgence, we use the occasion to reflect on our lives, or the year so far, then get grateful all over Facebook or Twitter. Some go for sincere, some for snark, some stay silent.

I’m going for sincere, but very specific: Today I’m giving thanks for Ride‘s decision to reunite and hit the road. It was almost exactly a year ago that the band announced their return and plans for a tour, one that eventually brought them back to the Paradise here in Boston. I’d been lucky enough to see them a few times during their original go-round, most memorably in that same room with the Pale Saints in June of 1992. It was the stuff from which the best musical memories are made.

To see them come back last month, more than 23 years later, with a stellar setlist (Sennen!), an adoring crowd, and such an obvious appreciation for being on stage, was a true gift. After all this time they seemed like even better players – Mark & Andy’s voices were stronger, the songs felt tighter, the energy amped-up. I’ve seen too many reunited bands go through the motions, and this was the total opposite. Four old friends, on the final day of a long tour leg, who may have been tired but never let it show on stage. They even took time to hang with fans at the after show party (so many photos, so many autographs) when they could have easily snuck off to the bus. Gentlemen, all.

And so, as they near the end of a whirlwind year and their final scheduled live dates, I offer my utmost thanks to Loz, Steve, Mark, & Andy of Ride. For giving us another taste. Thanks, guys.

live at the Paradise, Boston, MA
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

more photos here

[ Download the set as one .zip file ]

01. Intro
02. Leave Them All Behind
03. Like A Daydream
04. Chrome Waves
05. Seagull
06. Sennen
07. Ox4
08. Mouse Trap
09. Cool Your Boots
10. Black Nite Crash
11. Time Of Her Time
12. Dreams Burn Down
13. Taste
14. Vapour Trail
15. Drive Blind

16. Today
17. Chelsea Girl

[Last NMNight’s Playlist] The inaugural NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (and announcing the next one on Thursday, October 29th!)

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It’s ok, you can call it a comeback. After a bit of a break, I returned to the DJ table for my monthly NEW MUSIC NIGHT, setting up at the increasingly-awesome ONCE Lounge on Highland Ave. in Somerville. I’d been spending so many evenings there that I figured I might as well share some new music while I’m at it. Lucky for me, they graciously agreed, and now it’s a thing!

Crowd-wise, I didn’t know what to expect from the first installment, which took place a few weeks back. Turns out I needn’t have worried. A mix of friends, Almanac readers, and discriminating diners filled the tables (and hit the pool tables) during my two hour set while I randomly gave out tickets to upcoming shows (including Caspian, Yo La Tengo, Low, Mercury Rev, Pile & Krill, Destroyer, Mike Krol, & Telekinesis) and debuted brand new songs from both Eldridge Rodriguez (new album out now!) and Ghost Box Orchestra (new EP out soon!). Honored to have done so. You can check out the full playlist below, along with links on where to listen & buy. Many of the tracks below can also be found on my latest ‘Nac Tracks playlist.

The second edition of New Music Night @ ONCE will take place on Thursday, October 29th, again from 7:30-9:30pm. Scroll down for the spiffy new poster design by Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative (and go to the Daykamp Poster & Photo Show at the Sinclair on 11/25!). I’m lining up more giveaways and debuts now, but I’m especially psyched to be premiering a song or two from Ted Billings (ex-Age Rings) new project, Philosophical Zombie.

Thursday, September 17th, 2015
7:30 – 9:30pm
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. Keep Shelly in Athens – “Fractals
      From upcoming LP “Now I’m Ready”, out 10/16
      [ Stream track on Soundcloud / Buy from Friends of Friends ]

02. Martin Courtney – “Vestiges
      From the Real Estate frontman’s solo LP “Many Moons”, due out 10/30
      [ Stream track on Soundcloud / Buy from Domino ]


03. Brad San Martin – “Lessons Left Me
      From the One Happy Island member’s upcoming
      solo CD, “Tell Someone”, out Sept. 30th on Jigsaw
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Stream & order on Bandcamp ]

04. Tanya Donelly & Bill Janovitz – “Better Things” (Kinks cover)
      Tanya from Throwing Muses/Belly & Bill from Buffalo Tom
      collaborate to benefit the Foundation to Be Named Later
      [ Stream & buy on Bandcamp ]

05. Destroyer – “Times Square
      From the new “Poison Season” LP
      [ Stream the song on Soundcloud / Buy from Merge ]

06. Funeral Advantage – “Gardensong
      From the “Body Is Dead” LP
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy from The Native Sound ]

07. Stars – “A Simple Song
      From the “Lost and Found” EP
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy digitally direct from Stars ]

08. Under Electric Light – “Pieces Of Me
      From the “Never Lose Another Day” EP
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy from Hail Hail Records ]


09. The Radio Dept. – “This Repeated Sodomy
      New single from Labrador Records
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy from Labrador ]

10. Little Big Bear – “Emotion Factory
      new song released via Bandcamp
      [ Stream & buy from Bandcamp ]

11. Yo La Tengo – “Automatic Doom
      From the “Stuff Like That There” LP
      [ Stream song on YouTube / Buy from Matador ]

12. The Mantles – “Doorframe
      From the “All Odds Ends” LP, out 10/16
      [ Stream track on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Slumberland ]

13. Swings – “Tiles
      From the “Sugarwater” LP, out 11/13
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Exploding In Sound ]

14. The Leaf Library – “Tilting
      From the “Daylight Versions” LP, out 10/30
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Pre-order from WIAIWYA ]

15. Low – “Lies
      From the new “Ones and Sixes” LP
      [ Stream song on YouTube / Buy LP from Sub Pop ]

16. Eldridge Rodriguez – “Stay Angry
      Premiere play from the upcoming LP “The Castrati Menace”
      due 10/9 on Midriff – release party at Wonder Bar, Allston

      [ Stream at Bullett Media / Pre-order digitally through iTunes ]

17. DIIV – “Dopamine
      From the upcoming “Is The Is Are” LP
      [ Stream song at Soundcloud / Buy via iTunes ]


18. Cheatahs – “Seven Sisters
      From the upcoming “Mythologies” LP, out 10/30
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Wichita ]

19. Mercury Rev – “Are You Ready?
      From “The Light In You” LP, out 10/2
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy from Bella Union ]

20. Youth Worship – “Falling Arrows
      From “EP2” on Self Harm Records
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Buy on Bandcamp ]

21. Saintseneca – “River
      From the “Such Things” LP, out 10/9
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Anti Records ]

22. Telekinesis – “Courtesy Phone
      From the new “Ad Infinitum” LP
      [ Stream “In A Future World” on Soundcloud / Buy from Merge ]

23. Weakened Friends – “Miserable
      From their new “Gloomy Tunes” EP
      [ Stream & buy on Bandcamp ]

24. Beach Slang – “Young & Alive
      From the “The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us” LP
      [ Stream on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Polyvinyl ]


25. Mike Krol – “Save the Date
      From the “Turkey” LP
      [ Stream “This Is The News” on Soundcloud / Buy LP from Merge ]

26. Stove – “Jock Dreams
      From the upcoming “Is Stupider” LP, out 11/20
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Exploding In Sound ]

27. Ex-Breathers – “Stand Still
      From the upcoming “Past Tense” LP, due 10/23
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Exploding In Sound ]

28. Soccer Team – “Friends Who Know
      From “Real Lessons In Cynicism”, due 10/27
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Pre-order from Dischord Records ]

29. Idle Pilot – “Build Ups
      From the 9/28 re-release of their “Mondegreen” LP
      [ Stream & buy on Bandcamp from Ocelot or Head vs. Heart Tapes ]

30. Ghost Box Orchestra – “Flutter
      Premiere play from their upcoming “High Plaine” EP
      Release party on 10/16 at the Middle East Upstairs

31. Pinkshinyultrablast – “Kiddy Pool Dreams
      New single out 10/2 on Club AC30
      [ Stream on Soundcloud ]


32. Threading – “Candy Ghost
      From the “You Are Never Enough” EP
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Buy from The Native Sound ]

33. Caspian – “Sad Heart Of Mine
      From the just-out “Dust and Disquiet” LP
      [ Stream song on Soundcloud / Buy direct from the band ]

See you on Thursday evening, October 29th for the next one, I hope…

[Nac Tracks] September 2015 New Music Playlist

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Another month starts, another streaming Soundcloud playlist wraps up. Many of these 49 tracks were part of my first New Music Night DJ set at the ONCE Lounge a couple weeks back, and I’ll be sharing that list up shortly. Keep an eye/ear on the just-started October playlist for a preview of the next NMN, happening near the end of the month. But more on that later. Stream away…

keep looking »
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    Saturday, February 13th
    "Frozen Hearts Club" with
    The Dazies
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    Ian Cat & The Crimsons
    Casanovas In Heat
    @ the ONCE Lounge

    Saturday, February 13th
    Annabelle Lord-Patey
    Matt Minigel
    @ Atwood's

    Sunday, February 14th
    Martin Courtney
    (of Real Estate)
    DJ Carbo
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Sunday, February 14th
    Jaye Jayle,
    Morgan Greer's
    Drunken Prayer
    @ Great Scott

    Wednesday, February 17th
    Pale Hands

    Wednesday, February 17th
    Laura Jane Grace &
    The Devouring Mothers
    with Dave Dondero
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday & Saturday
    February 19th & 20th
    Best Coast
    Cherry Glazerr
    @ the Royale

    Friday, February 19th
    Killing Joke
    @ the Paradise

    Wednesday. February 24th
    LVL UP
    Kal Marks
    Brittle Brian
    @ Great Scott

    Thursday, February 25th
    Mass Gothic
    @ Great Scott

    Friday, February 26th
    Laney Jones & the Spirits
    The Novel Ideas
    @ Red Room@ Cafe 939

    Friday, February 26th
    @ the Paradise

    Friday, February 26th
    (album release show!)
    Tredici Bacci
    @ Museum of Fine Arts

    Friday, February 26th
    (Vinyl Release Party!)
    When Particles Collide
    @ Great Scott

    Saturday, February 27th
    Jason Isbell
    Shovels & Rope
    @ the House of Blues

    Monday, February 29th
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, March 1st
    Ty Segall &
    The Muggers
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday, March 2nd
    Neko Case
    The Felice Brothers
    @ the Orpheum

    Thursday, March 3rd
    Ra Ra Riot
    Sun Club
    @ the Paradise

    Friday, March 4th
    @ Somerville Theatre

    Saturday, March 5th
    Peter Case
    4pm @ Atwood's

    Monday, March 7th
    Adult Books
    Spirit Ghost
    @ O'Brien's

    Tuesday, March 8th
    Rickie Lee Jones
    @ Johnny D's

    Wednesday, March 9th
    Rob Crow's Gloomy Place
    @ Great Scott

    Thursday, March 10th
    Bent Shapes'
    "Wolves of Want"
    Record Release
    with Sports & Cuffs
    @ Great Scott

    Thursday, March 10th
    Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs)
    Derrick Brown
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, March 11th
    Beach House
    @ the House of Blues

    Tuesday, March 15th
    Mount Moriah
    Skylar Gudasz
    @ the MidEast Up

    Tuesday, March 15th
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, March 16th
    Deer Tick (acoustic)
    Mutual Benefit
    @ Somerville Theatre

    Thursday, March 17th
    @ the Orpheum

    Saturday, March 19th
    Dirty Bangs
    Thick Wild
    @ the Paramount

    Saturday, March 19th
    Jukebox the Ghost
    @ the Paradise

    Monday, March 21st
    Suicidal Tendencies
    Children of Bodom
    @ the House of Blues

    Monday & Tuesday
    March 21st & 22nd
    Lucinda Williams
    with Buick 6
    @ the Paradise

    Wednesday, March 23rd
    Lake Street Dive
    The Suffers
    @ House of Blues

    Friday, March 25th
    Jose Gonzalez
    @ Berklee Performance Ctr.

    Saturday, March 26th
    Gaz Coombes
    (of Supergrass)
    @ David Friend Recital Hall
    @ Berklee College of Music

    Sunday, March 27th
    Field Music
    The Effects
    @ Great Scott

    Saturday, April 2nd
    The Thalia Zedek Band
    @ the Midway in JP

    Saturday, April 2nd
    Basia Bulat
    @ The Sinclair

    Monday & Tuesday
    April 4th & 5th
    Gogol Bordello
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, April 5th
    The Cult
    @ Citi Shubert Theatre

    Saturday, April 9th
    Andrew Bird
    @ Citi Wang Theatre

    Saturday, April 9th
    Smashing Pumpkins
    (acoustic tour)
    Liz Phair
    @ the Orpheum

    Saturday, April 9th
    John Prine
    Iris Dement
    @ the Shubert Theatre

    Monday, April 11th
    (on Taco Monday!)
    two hours of new music
    and giveaways from the
    guy who runs this here blog
    7:30pm @ the ONCE Lounge!

    Monday, April 11th
    Iggy Pop
    @ the Orpheum

    Monday, April 11th
    @ the Sinclair

    Tuesday, April 12th
    The Joy Formidable
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, April 12th
    Alex G
    Your Friend
    @ the MidEast Down

    Tuesday, April 12th
    Thao & the
    Get Down Stay Down
    Little Scream
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, April 15th
    The Dandy Warhols
    @ The Sinclair

    Friday, April 15th
    Parquet Courts
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday, April 16th
    Napalm Death
    Melt Banana
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday & Sunday
    April 16th & 17th
    Murder By Death
    with Kevin Devine
    & The Goddamn Band
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, April 21st
    Eric Bachmann
    (from Archers of Loaf
    & Crooked Fingers)
    @ the Lizard Lounge

    Thursday, April 21st
    Into It. Over It.
    The World Is A Beautiful Place
    And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
    The Sidekicks, Pinegrove
    @ the Royale

    Friday, April 22nd
    Father John Misty
    with Tess & Dave
    @ House of Blues

    Monday, April 25th
    The Thermals
    Summer Cannibals
    @ The Sinclair

    Sunday, May 1st
    Bob Mould
    Ted Leo (solo)
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, May 3rd
    Super Furry Animals
    @ The Sinclair

    Saturday, May 7th
    M. Ward
    @ the Royale

    Saturday, May 7th
    Brian Jonestown Massacre
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday, May 7th
    Ben Folds
    @ the Orpheum

    Thursday, May 12th
    Rogue Wave
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, May 13th
    Old 97's
    Heartless Bastards
    BJ Barham
    @ the Royale

    Thursday, May 19th
    Beach Slang
    Potty Mouth
    Dyke Drama
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, May 21st
    White Dynomite
    Idiot Genes
    @ Great Scott

    Wednesday, May 25th
    Four Tet
    Anthony Naples
    @ the Paradise

    Thursday, May 26th
    Debo Band
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, June 2nd
    Bloc Party
    MS MR
    @ House of Blues

    Friday, June 3rd
    The Sonics,
    The Woggles,
    Barrence Whitfield
    & the Savages
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Friday, June 3rd
    @ House of Blues

    Saturday, June 4th
    Nada Surf
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, June 7th
    Modern English
    The "Mesh & Lace" Tour
    Shadow Age
    & DJ Chris Ewen
    @ the MidEast Down

    Thursday, June 16th
    The Cure
    The Twilight Sad
    @ Agganis Arena

    Friday, June 17th
    Duran Duran
    Chic (ft. Nile Rodgers)
    @ Xfinity Center

    Saturday, June 18th
    At the Drive In
    @ the House of Blues

    Friday, July 15th
    Modest Mouse
    Brand New
    @ the Xfinity Center

    Sunday, July 31st
    Bryan Ferry
    @ Blue Hills Pavilion

    Thursday, September 15th
    @ the Royale