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[In Memory of Robert Fisher] Willard Grant Conspiracy live in Cambridge MA 2006 & 2008

Posted on December 31, 2017 at 8:49 pm | 4 Comments

As this long, trying year comes to a close and the internet offers its plethora of “musicians we lost” posts, there’s been a name missing that more-than-deserves a mention. And not just a mention, but a goddamn bold-faced memorial: Mr. Robert Neil Fisher of the Willard Grant Conspiracy, who passed away on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at the far-too-early age of 59.

As a fan and longtime admirer, I’m fortunate to live in the Boston area where he was originally-based and frequently performed. The network of talented musician friends that rotated in and out of his creative collective is rooted here, so I got to see him & them play fairly often, and each set resides firmly in my brain and heart.

When it comes to memorializing the man and musician he was in words, I’ll refer you to others: His official obituary, and appreciative tributes from Matthew at Song, By Toad, Jonathan at RPM/Life In Analog, and Loose Music on FB.

Rather than words, I’ll instead share a couple of standout live recordings of sets performed in Cambridge, Mass: One from the Middle East Upstairs in 2006 and another from the Lilypad in Inman Square in 2008. The Lilypad appearance includes a bittersweet, classic mid-set cameo from the dearly departed Billy Ruane, himself a major WGC booster. Hard to believe he’s been gone over 7 years now.

The cast of Conspiracy characters on these shows (and kindly correct me if I’m wrong) included guests Chris Brokaw & Drew O’Doherty on guitar for both sets, with David Michael Curry on viola, Nancy Delaney drumming, Dennis Cronin on trumpet, and Pete Sutton on bass at the Middle East. The Lilypad lineup, aside from the guitar assists from Chris & Drew, had Sean O’Brien on guitar, Anthony (?) on mandolin, and Peter on piano. I think.

While you listen to these, remember that the future holds more music from Robert & company: He had nearly finished his final full-length, “Untethered”, before he passed, and his friends have finished it up for eventual release. Here’s hoping the new year delivers it to us. Sleep well, Robert. We were so lucky to have you around for awhile.

Willard Grant Conspiracy
Live at the Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
on Friday, December 29th, 2006

[ download the full set as one .zip file ]

01. The Ghost of the Girl in the Well
02. Dance With Me
03. Fare Thee Well
04. The Suffering Song
05. Let It Roll

Willard Grant Conspiracy
Live at the Lilypad, Cambridge, MA
on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

[ download the full set as one .zip file ]

01. intro
02. Drunkard’s Prayer
03. Notes from the Waiting Room
04. Massachusetts
05. The Ashes
06. Evening Mass
07. banter
08. The Trials of Harrison Hayes
09. more banter (w/Billy Ruane)
10. Ballad of John Parker
11. and more banter (w/Billy Ruane)
12. The Ghost of the Girl in the Well
13. Fare Thee Well
14. No Such Thing As Clean

[Last NMN’s Playlist] June’s NEW MUSIC NIGHT at ONCE Somerville

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Let the record show that the following list of carefully-compiled new selections were spun last Monday at the June 2017 edition of NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts. Two hours of new music, locavore tacos, & ticket giveaways (last week’s winners got tix to see Ride, Land of Talk, Palehound, Now Now, & more).

Select songs are available to stream below, but for more new music, head to Soundcloud for my oft-updated monthly ‘Nac tracks compilations.

NEW MUSIC NIGHT – June 2017 Edition

@ ONCE Somerville
Monday, June 12th, 2017

01. Iron & Wine – “Call It Dreaming
     from their upcoming “Beast Epic” LP, out in August on Sub Pop

02. Japanese Breakfast – “Boyish
     from “Soft Sounds From Another Planet”, due out 7/14 via Dead Oceans

03. Luna – “One Together” (Fleetwood Mac cover)
     off the forthcoming covers LP, “A Sentimental Education”, out in September


04. Big Thief – “Shark Smile
     from their just-released new LP, “Capacity”

05. Stephen MacDonald (of the Okay Win) – “At Assembly
     from his solo LP, “Locale Divide”, due out this week

06. Rob Crow – “Just Marking Time At This Point
     the Pinback co-captain’s contribution to “Our First 100 Days

07. People Like You – “Variations on an Aria
     first taste of their upcoming “Verse” LP, out 7/28 on Topshelf

08. The Drums – “Mirror
     from their just-released “Abysmal Thoughts” LP on Anti

09. Beach Fossils – “Tangerine
     featuring Rachel from Slowdive, from the new “Somersault” LP

10. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “When I Dance With You
     from “The Echo of Pleasure” LP, due out 7/14 via Painbow

11. Broken Social Scene – “Skyline
     from their upcoming “Hug of Thunder” LP, out 7/7 on Arts & Crafts

12. Courtney Barnett – “How to Boil an Egg
     from a new split singles 7-inch series

13. Swale – “Release Your Records!
     from their upcoming double LP “There’s No One Here”


14. TW Walsh – “Dropout” (Alternate Version)
     alternate take on a track from his recent “Terrible Freedom” LP

15. Palehound – “If You Met Her
     from their just-released “A Place I’ll Always Go” LP


16. Waxahatchee – “Never Been Wrong
     from their “Out In The Storm” LP, out 7/14 on Merge Records

17. Alvvays – “In Undertow
     first single from their upcoming “Antisocialites” LP, out 9/8 via Polyvinyl

18. Tancred – “Birthday Candles
     a non-album track released as a new single


19. Now Now – “SGL
     new single to tide us over until their next record


20. Lake Ruth – “Dry Salt In Our Hair” (Le SuperHomard cover)
     from a new EP of covers/remixes of this Le SuperHomard track


21. Land Of Talk – “Spiritual Intimidation
     from their just-released “Life After Youth” LP

22. Andrew Cohen & Light Coma – “Your Biography
     ex-Silkworm/Bottomless Pit member teams up with LC for the “Unreality” LP


23. No Hope / No Harm – “Roger Ailes Is Dead
     another Bandcamp-released single from this Boston-based band

24. Burglary Years – “Fake Flowers (Try Harder)
     their latest single, recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Boston

25. Spiral Stairs – “Dundee Man
     from the former Pavement guy’s latest record, “Doris & the Daggers”

26. David Barbe – “Portuguese Door
     from the former Sugar member’s upcoming solo LP, “10th of Seas”, out 8/18

27. Lo Tom – “Another Mistake
     D Bazan, T Many, TW Walsh, & J Martin made an LP, out 7/14 on Barsuk

28. Pet Symmetry – “Stare Collection
     from their recently-released “Vision” LP on Polyvinyl

29. Rainer Maria – “Lower Worlds
     first single from their self-titled comeback record, out 8/17 on Polyvinyl

30. Jason Loewenstein – “Hey Hey
     from his brand new solo LP, “Spooky Action”, out now on Joyful Noise


31. Superchunk – “I Got Cut
     from their new 7-inch, released to benefit Planned Parenthood

32. Gogol Bordello – “Saboteur Blues
     first taste of upcoming “Seekers and Finders” LP, out 8/25 on Cooking Vinyl

33. Downtown Boys – “A Wall
     from their upcoming Sub Pop LP, “Cost of Living”, out 8/11

34. Hot Water Music – “Never Going Back
     from their “Light It Up” LP, due out 9/15 on Rise Records

35. Dead Heavens – “Isn’t Wrong
     from their just-released LP, “Whatever Witch You Are”, out on Dine Alone


36. Camorra – “Roosevelt Champion
     off “Mourning, Resistance, Celebration” 10-inch EP, out 7/14 on Arctic Rodeo

37. Oh Sees – “The Static God
     They dropped the “Thee”, and are releasing “Orc” on Castle Face on 8/25

38. Touts – “Political People
     off of “Sickening & Deplorable”, newly-released on Hometown Records

39. Taiwan Housing Project – “Veblen Death Mask
     title track off their new Kill Rock Stars LP

40. A Giant Dog – “Photograph
     from their upcoming Merge Records LP, “Toy”, due out 8/25

41. Able Baker Fox – “Drift
     from their long-awaited sophomore LP, “Visions”, out 8/25 on No Sleep

42. The New Year – “The Party’s Over
     from their new record, “Snow”, available from Undertow

43. Ride – “Lannoy Point
     Lead-off track from their just-released “Weather Diaries” LP


[Last NMN’s Playlist] May’s NEW MUSIC NIGHT at ONCE Somerville

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The May 2017 edition of NEW MUSIC NIGHT came and went on the 15th at ONCE Somerville, with ticket giveaways galore and a playlist of new songs obsessively compiled and presented by yours truly. That very playlist is below, with a few embedded tracks for your aural pleasure. For a longer listen, hit up Soundcloud for my ever-growing, monthly ‘Nac tracks compilations, and join us on Monday, June the 12th at ONCE for the next NMN…

NEW MUSIC NIGHT – May 2017 Edition

@ ONCE Somerville
Monday, May 15th, 2017

01. Wye Oak – “Wave Is Not The Water

02. PJ Harvey – “A Dog Called Money
03. Ty Segall – “Black Magick
04. Broken Social Scene – “Hug of Thunder
05. Girlpool – “Sleepless
06. Coco Hames – “When You Said Goodbye

07. Stephen MacDonald – “Basic
08. Filthy Friends – “Editions of You” (Roxy Music cover)
09. The Hayman Kupa Band – “No More Bombs

10. The Dears – “1998
11. The National – “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
12. Land of Talk – “Heartcore

13. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Anymore
14. Phoenix – “J-Boy
15. Mountain Goats – “Rain In Soho
16. Shout Out Louds – “Oh Oh
17. TW Walsh – “Terrible Freedom” (Alternate Version)
18. Will Johnson – “Filled With A Falcon’s Dream
19. Wilco – “Peace Love & Understanding” (Elvis Costello cover)
20. No. 2 – “Who’s Behind The Door?
21. Pilkington – “All Around The Neighborhood
22. Charly Bliss – “Black Hole

23. Fireworks – “Dream About You
24. Factory Edge – “Ay Chi Chi
25. Jason Loewenstein – “Superstitious

26. Psychic Dog – “In The Dark (Pissin)
27. Lo Tom – “Overboard
28. The New Year – “Homebody
29. Helium – “XXX” (2017 remaster)
30. Kestrels – “Octavio
31. Elder – “The Falling Veil

32. Mogwai – “Coolverine
33. Slowdive – “30th June

Again, be at ONCE for next month’s installment of NEW MUSIC NIGHT on June 12th, with taco time at 5pm and NMN kicking off at 8pm. Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for the eventual list of ticket giveaways…

[Tonight in Somerville!] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (new tunes, tacos, & free tix)

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The May 2017 edition of NEW MUSIC NIGHT is going down this very evening at the wonderful ONCE Lounge in Somerville starting at 6pm. For the uninformed: Two hours of nuthin’ but new songs spun between free ticket giveaways for a bunch of upcoming Boston-area shows, all while you chow down on some super-tasty tacos. It’s a fine time indeed, a nice way to start the week, and I say that not just because I’m your sonic selector. I simply love hangin’ at the place.

So what can ya win? How about pairs of tickets for imminent local appearances from Will Johnson (Centro-matic), John Moreland, Mary Timony (as Helium!), Land of Talk (!!!), Psychic Dog (album release!), When Particles Collide, PowerSlut, The Knock Ups, Charly Bliss, Yucky Duster, Lost Dog, Coco Hames (of the Ettes), and Little Bandit. Just show up, throw your entry in a Chinese take out container, and cross yer fingers that I call your name.

For the curious, below lies a look at last month‘s playlist, and if you want to dig deeper, check out my past & future ‘Nac Tracks monthly streaming Soundcloud playlists of newly-discovered songs. If you can’t make it tonight, shoot for next month’s NMN on June 12th from 8-10pm.

April 2017 Edition – 4/24/17
ONCE Lounge, Somerville, MA

01. Marissa Nadler – “Rosemary
02. RRing – “100 Dollar Heat
03. Tara Jane O’Neil – “Blow
04. Thurston Moore – “Smoke Of Dreams
05. Will Johnson – “Predator
06. Doug Tuttle – “Can It Be
07. Adopted Highways – “Up
08. Eyelids – “Falling Eyes
09. Waxahatchee – “Silver
10. Big Thief – “Mythological Beauty
11. Sheer – “To Love And Feel Alive
12. Flock of Dimes – “Potential
13. TW Walsh – “Terrible Freedom
14. The Vacant Lots – “Night Nurse
15. Beach Fossils – “This Year
16. The Drums – “Blood Under My Bed
17. Land Of Talk – “This Time
18. Coco Hames – “Tiny Pieces
19. Happyness – “Bigger Glass Less Full
20. The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Always Sad
21. The The – “Can’t Stop What’s Coming
22. The Mountain Goats – “Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds
23. Future Teens – “Party Ethic
24. Chain & the Gang – “Certain Kinds Of Trash
25. Guided By Voices – “Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the Ocean
26. Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home
27. Black Helicopter – “And I
28. Angus – “I’m An Idiot
29. Kestrels – “Thorn” (MBV cover)
30. The Van Pelt – “His Steppe Is My Prairie” (2017 remaster)
32. Helium – “Hole In The Ground” (2017 remaster)
33. The New Pornographers – “Whiteout Conditions
34. Andrew Cohen & Light Coma – “Repack
35. The New Year – “Myths
36. Slowdive – “Sugar for the Pill
37. Sharon Van Etten – “The End Of The World” (Skeeter Davis cover)

[Track Debut] Andrew Cohen (Silkworm/Bottomless Pit) & Light Coma’s “The Usual”

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Never underestimate the impact of a well-chosen analogy. Seems we owe the welcome return of songwriter/guitarist Andy Cohen to a timely turn of phrase from Light Coma drummer Jim MacGregor, who one night caught Cohen in the midst of an existential “should I keep making music or not?” crisis. After more than 25 years of playing with incomparable, incredible rock trio Silkworm and its worthy successor Bottomless Pit (both with co-songwriter/guitarist Tim Midyett), Cohen found himself with dwindling freetime and a side-man role in Midyett’s excellent Mint Mile project. On the verge of packing it in, as so many (and sometimes not enough) middle aged rockers do, it took one tempting offer from MacGregor to keep him in the game: “We could be your Crazy Horse“.

As recounted in the latest episode of the Crashing Your Planet podcast, that’s exactly what lead to the team up of Andrew Cohen & Light Coma, who will issue their debut LP, “Unreality”, on June 2nd through the esteemed Comedy Minus One record label. It’s a fitting home for the album, as CMO has become the defacto source of all things Silkworm-centric during the past decade, with several Bottomless Pit releases, SKWM reissues, and related projects scattered among other top-notch rock records.

As a longtime admirer of Andrew Cohen’s songwriting and guitar playing, it’s a massive honor to debut a track from “Unreality” here on the Almanac. “The Usual” is one of three acoustic songs from the record, laid down before he hooked up with Light Coma. Stream it here…

Comedy Minus One previously shared the track “Repack”

“Despite my intention to retire, it didn’t let itself happen.” – Andy Cohen

Pre-order Andrew Cohen & Light Coma’s “Unreality” LP here, and if you want to celebrate its release in person, make your way to the Township in Chicago on May 28th for a special Comedy Minus One show with OUT, The Rutabega, Mint Mile, and of course, AC&LC. My Boston -> Chicago flight has already been booked.

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    Half Wait
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    Saturday, April 28th
    Peter Hook & the Light
    performing both of the
    "Substance" collections by
    Joy Division & New Order
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    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
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    No Age
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    Tuesday, May 1st
    Soccer Mommy
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    Tuesday, May 1st
    @ the Sinclair

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    Frankie Cosmos
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    (mems of Cross Record & Shearwater)
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    DJ Carbo
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    Trampled By Turtles
    Hiss Golden Messenger
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    This Will Destroy You
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    Power Trip
    Sheer Mag
    Red Death
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    Wye Oak
    @ the Paradise

    Sunday, May 13th
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    Alice Glass
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    Jonathan Davis
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    The Fratellis
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    Damien Jurado
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    King Tuff
    Cut Worms
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    Tuesday, May 22nd
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Tuesday, May 22nd
    @ Great Scott

    Tuesday, May 22nd
    Jukebox the Ghost
    The Greeting Committee
    @ the Royale

    Monday, May 28th
    Sylvan Esso
    Local Natives
    @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

    Tuesday, May 29th
    Post Animal
    @ Great Scott

    Tuesday, May 29th
    All Them Witches
    @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

    Friday & Saturday
    June 1st & 2nd
    Japanese Breakfast
    LVL UP
    Radiator Hospital
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    June 3rd & 4th
    Ben Harper &
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    @ the Sinclair

    Tuesday, June 5th
    Middle Kids
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Friday, June 8th
    Nathaniel Rateliff
    & the Night Sweats
    with Deer Tick
    @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

    Friday, June 8th
    @ House of Blues

    Saturday, June 9th
    Depeche Mode
    @ TD Garden

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    Jimmy Eat World
    Alex Lahey
    @ House of Blues

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    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
    @ the Sinclair

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    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
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    Monday, June 18th
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    The Smashing Pumpkins
    @ TD Garden

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    Jeff Beck
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    + Ann Wilson (Heart)
    @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

    Friday, August 10th
    Pedro the Lion
    H.C. McEntire
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Friday, August 10th
    Billy Joel
    @ Fenway Park

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    Journey & Def Leppard
    with Cheap Trick
    @ Fenway Park

    Sunday & Tuesday
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    Pearl Jam
    @ Fenway Park