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[The Almanac Radio Show!] Episode 3 Stream & Rundown: December 2023

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December brought episode number three, the last of the calendar year 2023. This edition of “The Almanac” first aired on Wednesday the 6th at 8pm Eastern over on Uncertain.FM, and got a replay the following day at 4pm.

By now you’ve hopefully got the drill: The first Wednesday of every month brings a couple hours of mostly new songs, ones from bands I’ve just seen or hope to see, with the random faves sprinkled within. This episode featured my first giveaway: A spiffy Buffalo Tom poster by Daykamp Creative to commemorate their Boston & NYC shows. So congrats to listener Stewart who was randomly selected as the winner.

Each month I’ll share the latest episode’s track-by-track rundown here, and a couple weeks after airing I’ll throw in an embed so you can listen later. Next month? Episode 4 gathers together my favorites from 2023, airing on Wednesday, January 3rd at 8pm EST (and again on 1/4 at 4pm).

Until then…


The AlmanacEpisode 3

on Uncertain.FM

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023
from 8-10pm EST


1. Ducks Ltd. – “Hollowed Out”

From their upcoming “Harm’s Way” LP, due out on February 9th, 2024.

2. Chastity Belt – “Hollow”

Off their “Live Laugh Love” LP, arriving March 29, 2024 on Suicide Squeeze Records.

3. The Umbrellas – “Echoes”

From their upcoming “Fairweather Friend” full-length, out January 26th, 2024 on Slumberland.

4. Hovvdy – “Jean”

New single available on Bandcamp.

5. The Bevis Frond – “Focus On Nature”

Title track from their next LP, out February 1st, 2024.

6. Mary Timony – “Dominoes”

Off “Untame the Tiger”, coming from Merge on February 23rd, 2024. Mary will be playing the Crystal Ballroom in Somerville on Saturday, March 2nd.

7. The American Analog Set – “Over The Jeans”

Off their excellent new record, “For Forever”.

8. Brother Bird – “Inside Of Love” (Nada Surf cover)

From a new holiday split 7-inch featuring two Nada Surf covers (the other being “Blonde On Blonde”).

9. Buffalo Tom – “Helmet”

The first shared song from their upcoming “Jump Rope” LP, which should be out in May of next year.

10. J Mascis – “Can’t Believe We’re Here”

From the upcoming album “What Do We Do Now”, out on Sub Pop on February 2nd, 2024.

11. New Radiant Storm King – “The Correct Liar”

Lead-off track from the newly-remastered version of their 1998 “Singular, No Article” LP.

12. The Lemonheads – “Fear Of Living”

A new single, written with Dan Lardner of QTY, who passed away earlier this year. Evan’s played all the instruments on this one, and is working on new Lemonheads songs, which would join this track as his first originals since 2006.

13. Car Colors – “Old Death”

The title track from Charles Bissell’s (of the Wrens) long-awaited new EP.

14. Guided By Voices – “Puncher’s Parade”

Off their latest LP, “Nowhere To Go But Up”.

15. Neva Dinova – “Outside”

Their new Saddle Creek single.

16. Be Safe – “In a House”

Their debut single, ahead of a full length on Count Your Lucky Stars out early next year.

17. Lupo Citta – “White Bracelet”

From the Boston trio’s self-titled debut LP, out on January 12th from 12XU.

18. Imperial Wax – “Less I Need”

The first taste of their second album, which will be out in February on their own Guesswork Records label. This band rose from the ashes of the final live configuration of the Fall, and their 2019 debut LP was ace.

19. Death – “World In Disguise”

A split 7-inch with Rough Francis, who play on this track with Death.

20. Rough Francis – “Haunted”

The other half of the the split 7-inch with Death.

21. Sea Ray – “Stripmine Skyline”

A new (final?) single from this briefly-reunited NY band, who got back together to mark the 20th anniversary remaster/resissue of their “Stars At Noon” LP.

22. Outer World – “Forms Of Knowing”

Off the upcoming “Who Does the Music Love?” LP, out via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records on March 22, 2024.

23. Ozean – “Porcelain”

A new digital Numero Group reissue. This San Jose band played just two shows in their brief existence, their lone three songs available only as a short-run cassette in 1991. Numero will be dripping out their catalog over the course of the next few months, with a 12” to follow in 2024.

24. Emerald Comets – “Silhouette”

The latest single from this Boston-based band.

25. Arcwelder – “Lafayette”

Honestly wasn’t sure we’d ever get new Arcwelder songs, but here we are. Two tracks now, 8-song LP out early next year.

26. Dowsing – “Goodbye”

Off the “No One Said This Would Be Easy” LP, which came out earlier this month.

27. Footballhead – “Habits”

First single from “Overthinking Everything”, due out March 1st, 2024.

28. Weakened Friends – “Awkward”

Their latest single from Don Giovanni Records.

29. Real Estate – “Water Underground”

Off their upcoming “Daniel” LP, due out in February on Domino Recordings.

30. Laetitia Sadier – “Une Autre Attente”

From the Stereolab singer’s upcoming “Rooting For Love” record, due out in February from Drag City Records.

31. Zwei Null Zwei – “Unmoored”

The latest Bandcamp single from this quartet that features members of Edsel, the Make-Up, Ted Leo’s Pharmacists, Girls Against Boys, Savak, and more.

32. The Jesus and Mary Chain – “jamcod”

From the Reid brothers’ “Glasgow Eyes” LP, arriving on February 8th.


As mentioned, the next episode (my faves of 2023) airs on Wednesday, January 3rd at 8pm EST over at



[The Almanac Radio Show!] Episode 2 Stream & Rundown: November 2023

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Episode two! I guess that means this is a regular thing now? The November edition of “The Almanac” aired on Wednesday the 1st at 8pm Eastern over on Uncertain.FM, and got a replay the following day at 4pm. This thing’ll happen on the first Wednesday of every month until I burn out (which may be sooner than you think). What’s in it? A couple hours of mostly new songs, a bunch from bands I’ve recently seen or plan to see, with the occasional random fave thrown in. This month even brought the public debut of a new track (see #12 below), which I hope to have happen every once in awhile. Each month I’ll share the track-by-track rundown here. Miss this month’s? Set a reminder for Wednesday, December 6th at 8pm EST (or 12/7 at 4pm) to catch episode numero three.

Here ’tis, the rundown for episode 2 of The Almanac


The AlmanacEpisode 2

on Uncertain.FM

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023
from 8-10pm EST


1. The Wedding Present – “Happy Birthday (Altered Images cover)

From their May 24th, 1988 Peel Session, which can be found on their Complete Peel Sessions compilation. Played because, well, it was my birthday.

2. The Umbrellas – “Three Cheers!

The lead-off track from their forthcoming second album “Fairweather Friend”, out January 26th, 2024 on Slumberland Records & Tough Love Records.

3. Ducks Ltd. – “The Main Thing

New single out on Carpark Records, featuring Ratboys’ Julia Steiner, Dehd’s Jason Balla, and Moontype’s Margaret McCarthy on backing vocals.

4. Guided By Voices – “The Race Is On, The King Is Dead

The first song from the upcoming “Nowhere To Go But Up” LP, due out November 24th. For those keeping score at home, it’s their 3rd record this year, and 39th full length ever. Ridiculous. Happy birthday to frontman Robert Pollard, who turned 66 on Halloween.

5. Circus Devils – “Strawberry Limousine

Another Pollard-fronted-project, this one with the Tobias Brothers, and this track’s from their upcoming “Squeeze The Needle” LP. A delayed request from Allison for last month’s episode, so I’m happy to finally honor that ask.

6. Dowsing – “It Was Easy

From the Chicago band’s upcoming fifth LP, out on December 1st from Storm Chasers LTD and Asian Man Records. Video here.

7. Car Colors – “I’ll Bear

The first new music from former Wrens member Charles Bissell in ages, a long-awaited, 3-track EP titled “Old Death”, out on November 17th. It’s a per-cursor to an upcoming full-length, and its release marks the welcome resurrection of Absolutely Kosher records.

8. The American Analog Set – “The Quiet Dark

I’ll admit I’ve been listening to pretty much nothing but the new American Analog Set record, “For Forever”, since it arrived on my doorstep a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe it exists. Out of nowhere, one of my favorite bands of all time announces a new record and less than a month later it’s in my hands. And it’s incredible. Filled with gratitude over here.

9. DIIV – “Housejam

A new stand-alone single from DIIV, who have been opening up for Depeche Mode on their current tour. The song is currently only available to stream through this slightly strange website over at

10. Drop Nineteens – “The Price Was High

Off their comeback record, “Hard Light”, which just arrived on Friday.

11. Landing – “Awake

From the Connecticut quartet’s brand new digital single, available via Bandcamp.

12. Ezra Cares – “Heavy Things (premiere)

The premiere of an upcoming digital single (out on November 24th) from Ezra Walsh, aka Ezra Cares. The song features his dad TW (Lo Tom/The Soft Drugs/Pedro the Lion) on drums and his brother Noah on bass, and it’s his first new music since a 2020 solo album, which is available on Bandcamp. You’ll be able to grab “Heavy Things” there in a few weeks.

13. Say Sue Me – “4am

The Buson, South Korea quartet’s From the Lush co-founder’s first-ever solo LP, “Pearlies”, which came out on October 20th on Sonic Cathedral

15. Trash Sun – “Get Me Through

The lead off track from their new “Purgatory Road” LP, due out on November 11th. They’ve got a bunch of November East Coast tourdates booked, including the 12th at the Cantab in Cambridge and the 20th at O’Brien’s in Allston.

16. Idles – “Dancer

The first shared song from their next LP, “Tangk”, out in February.

17. Bar Italia – “Worlds Greatest Emoter

From “The Twits” LP, which just came out last Friday courtesy of Matador in the US.

18. Night Court – “Little Darkness

An epic that clocks in at 20 seconds, shorter than the intros for most others. This comes off their new “Frater Set” EP on Dromedary Records, which you can grab on a lathe cut 7-inch.

19. Ian Sweet – “Smoking Again

From the just-released “Sucker” LP on Polyvinyl.

20. The Reds, Pinks & Purples – “Creature Hero

Off the recently-released 5-track “Murder, Oral Sex & Cigarettes” digital EP.

21. Letters To Cleo – “Bad Man

From a 7-inch that will be sold at their shows this month celebrating the 30th anniversary of their “Aurora Gory Alice” album. They hit the Paradise in Boston on November 17th & 18th with the Gigolo Aunts.

22. Laughing Chimes – “A Promise To Keep

Off their new digital Slumberland single, on which they also cover the Ocean Blue’s “Ballerina Out Of Control”.

23. Joe Wong – “Into Nothing

A new song (with guests Mary Timony & Matt Cameron) from the Trap Set podcast host’s “Mere Survival” LP, due out on February 2nd. Other collaborators include Nate Mendel, Jim Keltner, Money Mark, Anna Waronker, Craig Wedren, & Joey Waronker.

24. Grandaddy Watercooler

Jason Lytle returns in February with an LP titled “Blue Wav” on Dangerbird, and this is the first taste.

25. J. Robbins – “Everything Is Right (Velvet Monkeys cover)

J. offered up an excellent 3-song digital EP a couple weeks back ahead of Halloween titled “Three Masks” that includes covers of Einstürzende Neubauten, Government Issue, and this one, his take on Velvet Monkey’s “Everything Is Right”.

26. Superdown – “Away

Off their new “Return to Sender” LP, which came out a couple weeks back on Count Your Lucky Stars.

27. Saturdays At Your Place – “Pourover

From a new No Sleep Records digital compilation called “That’s What Friends Are For”, which also features songs Summerbruise and Shoplifter, and arrives on November 17th.

28. The Beths with Pickle Darling – “Brand New Colony (Postal Service cover)

A cover of the Postal Service song from a split 7-inch that also includes Car Seat Headrest doing Death Cab For Cutie’s “We Looked Like Giants”.

29. The New Pornographers – “Firework in the Falling Snow (acoustic w/Aimee Mann)

A newly-recorded stripped-down version of a song from their most recent LP, “Continue as a Guest”, with guest vocals from Aimee Mann.

30. Liam Lynch – “Before

The first single from an upcoming album entitled “What The Moths Say”.

31. Gregory and the Hawk – “Some White Mountain

From the “Quarantunes” LP, just out last Friday on Bandcamp. I’m a proud contributor to Meredith Godreau’s Patreon page, where she’s been sharing these songs as in-progress demos with performance videos & the occasional live stream. A true comfort during lockdown and beyond, and I’m glad that the songs have all been compiled, mastered, and released so that more people can hear ’em.

32. Jolie Laide – “Why I Drink

A new collaboration from Nina Nastasia & Jeff MacLeod, their self-titled debut is out on November 17th from Oscar Street Records.

33. Idaho – “Just Might Run

A song from the repressed and newly-remastered edition of “The Lone Gunman” LP, which just came out on Halloween. Keep an eye out for the “Traces of Glory: The Musical Journey of Idaho” documentary, which I was fortunately enough to see recently. Deeply moving and well worth a watch for fans & future fans alike.

34. Oneida – “Halloween (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover)

A newly-shared Siouxsie & The Banshees cover from Oneida with guest vocals from Katie Eastburn (aka KATIEE).

35. Matt Pond PA – “Halloween Two

A duet with Alexa Rose now available on Bandcamp, and a sequel of sorts to the song “Halloween” on the 2005 “Several Arrows Later” LP. They’ll be releasing a collaborative EP sometime soon.

36. Lou Barlow – “Haunted House (Raw Impressions version)

From the Oct. 16th mini-music Monday episode of the indispensable Raw Impressions podcast that Lou hosts with his wife Adele. If you don’t regularly stream that podcast, I highly recommend it. Those two are a goddamn delight together.

Tune in to the next new episode on Wednesday night, December 6th at 8pm EST, or the replay on Thursday the 7th at 4pm, over at

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