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[‘Nac Tracks New Music Playlists] July 2020

In July 2020, lots of new songs were released. I liked some of them, and put them on playlists. These are those: YouTube, Spotify, or Soundcloud. If Bandcamp had playlists, I’d share that, too. Hell, I’d probably only share that one. ‘Nac Tracks | July 2020 | YouTube ‘Nac Tracks | July 2020 | Spotify […]

[‘Nac Tracks New Music Playlists] April 2020

Well, April 2020 is behind us. The three-month-long month. Made some playlists while it dragged on: YouTube, Spotify, or Soundcloud. The just-started May 2020 installments are here, for those playing/listening along: YT / Spfy / SC. ‘Nac Tracks | April 2020 | YouTube ‘Nac Tracks | April 2020 | Spotify ‘Nac Tracks | April 2020 […]

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