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[Tonight in Somerville!] Gold Muse, SAVAK, & Lake Ruth at the ONCE Lounge

Lend me yer eyes and ears, Boston-centric people, and allow me to tell you about a pretty special show happening tonight in Somerville: A three-band bill at the ONCE Lounge on Highland Avenue, featuring the return of a local fave, the first-ever area appearance by two excellent NYC-based combos, and a pre-and-between set soundtrack spun […]

[Last NMNight’s Playlist] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (the next one is on Dec. 21st!)

In the “better late than never” category (though aren’t they all, at this point?), here’s the overdue playlist for my most recent stint at the DJ table in the wonderful ONCE Lounge in Somerville, MA. It was the second official NEW MUSIC NIGHT, with a couple hours of just-or-not-quite-released tracks served up alongside some seriously […]

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