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[Last NMNight’s Playlist] NEW MUSIC NIGHT at the ONCE Lounge (the next one is on Dec. 21st!)

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In the “better late than never” category (though aren’t they all, at this point?), here’s the overdue playlist for my most recent stint at the DJ table in the wonderful ONCE Lounge in Somerville, MA. It was the second official NEW MUSIC NIGHT, with a couple hours of just-or-not-quite-released tracks served up alongside some seriously top-notch, locally-sourced eats. Handed out a bunch of Boston-area rock show tickets, too.

More timely is my official announcement of the next installment: Monday, December 21st. Taco Time! Yes, we’re moving to a Monday evening this month, which happens to be ONCE’s weekly (super delicious!) Taco Night. Total bonus, and just a few days before the Christmas holiday. I’ll be doing my best to include some just-released festive songs alongside the regular new music and ticket giveaways, of course.

Follow the many, many links below to stream and buy any of the songs I played, and check out my October & November ‘Nac Tracks Soundcloud playlist to stream a ton more songs not included here. For an idea of what might pop up at the next New Music Night, keep an eye/ear on the December Nac Tracks as well…

Thursday, October 29th, 2015
7:30 – 9:30pm
@ The ONCE Lounge
in Somerville, MA

01. The Album Leaf – “New Soul
      from the forthcoming LP “Between Waves”, out in 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

02. The Davenports – “Miranda In Her Room
      new song with Shirley Simms (Magnetic Fields) on vocals
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

03. All Boy/All Girl – “Andrea Amati
      the latest single from this NYC septet
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

04. The Lowlifes – “Used to Be
      a Beach House cover from Matt Pond‘s new project
      [ Stream at Stereogum ]

05. Birthmark – “How You Look When You’re Falling Down
      title track from Nate Kinsella’s 4th LP
      [ Stream at Polyvinyl ]

06. Soccer Team – “Too Many Lens Flares
      from their debut LP on Dischord Records
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

07. Martin Courtney – “Airport Bar
      from the Real Estate member’s first solo LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

08. Keeps – “I Don’t Mind
      from their debut LP, out in 2016 on Old Flame
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

09. Trashcan Sinatras – “Best Days On Earth
      first shared track from forthcoming crowd-funded LP
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

10. Mal Blum – “Robert Frost
      from Mal’s new LP, “You Look A Lot Like Me”, on Don Giovanni
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

11. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – “Laid” (James cover)
      from the just-released “Hell” EP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

12. New Manners – “Give Me Your Bones
      from their sophomore EP on The Native Sound
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

13. Stove – “Lowt-ide Fins
      off the debut solo LP from this former Ovlov member
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

14. The Besnard Lakes – “Golden Lion
      from their forthcoming full-length “A Coliseum Complex Museum”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

15. Coke Weed – “Dead Man Walking
      from their “Mary Weaver” LP, just out on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

16. Mount Moriah – “Calvander
      from their recent Merge Records 7-inch
      [ Stream over at Merge ]

17. Eternals – “Out Of Context
      off their forthcoming sophomore LP “Isn’t That Anyone”, out in Spring 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

18. Hallelujah The Hills – “It Takes a Somervillage
      from a special single benefiting the Somerville Homeless Coalition
      [ Stream (and donate) at Bandcamp ]

19. Field Music – “The Noisy Days Are Over
      from their forthcoming “Commontime” LP, out Feb. 5th, 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

20. Shearwater – “Quiet Americans
      from the upcoming LP “Jet Plane and Oxbow”, out early 2016
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

21. El VY – “Need A Friend
      mems of the National & Menomena / from debut, “Return To The Moon”
      [ Watch the lyrics video at YouTube ]

22. Pelzig – “Battles
      from the upcoming LP “Medium Cool World”, out 11/27/15
      [ Stream at YouTube ]

23. Pity Sex – “What Might Soothe You
      first single from forthcoming “White Hot Moon” LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

24. Eldridge Rodriguez – “U-Lock
      off the just-released LP from the singer/songwriter of The Beatings
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

25. Wavves – “Pony
      from their latest record, “V”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

26. Wimps – “Suitcase
      title track from their new LP on Kill Rock Stars
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

27. Knife Pleats – “Borders
      from their debut LP on Lost Sound Tapes
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

28. Song and Dance Men – “Bugs Are Nowhere To Be Found
      from the Brazilian band’s new LP on TBTCI Records
      [ Stream at Bandcamp ]

29. Christopher Leaf – “Show Me the Way (Let It End)
      new track from ex-Young Leaves frontman
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

30. Fuzz – “Rat Race
      from their latest LP, “II”
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

31. Sheer – “Uneasy
      title/closing track from their new LP
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

32. Psychological Zombie – “Savage Mercy
      from their debut LP, “Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue” on Killer Wail
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

33. Basement – “Promise Everything
      from the upcoming “Promise Everything” LP, out in January
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

34. Beach Slang – “Anything Anything” (Dramarama cover)
      from their new all-covers mixtape via Bandcamp
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

35. Cheatahs – “Su-Pra
      from their new LP, “Mythologies”, on Wichita
      [ Stream at Soundcloud ]

36. Ghost Box Orchestra – “Sound of (Eternal Now)
      title track from their new EP
      [ Stream & buy at Bandcamp ]

RSVP for the next edition of NEW MUSIC NIGHT on Monday, December 21st at 7:30pm at the ONCE Lounge right here. And save room for those tacos.


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