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[Monthly ‘Nac Tracks Playlist] January 2019

Posted on February 2, 2019 at 7:45 pm | No Comments

Maintaining a single, shareable monthly playlist of new songs is an impossibility at this point. Too many labels have decided that YouTube (and their terrible playlist-sharing/formatting design) is their preferred way to premiere new tracks, some have thankfully stuck with Soundcloud, and still others just do the Spotify thing. So I end up bouncing between all three, adding new songs when they show up and strike me. If only Bandcamp would just cave and add playlist functionality already, things would be a hell of a lot simpler. Stopped holding my breath for that a long time ago, though.

Here’s what grabbed me during the first month of 2019. Soooo many songs. Click the headers to open them on their native platforms.

‘Nac Tracks Jan. 2019 (Soundcloud)

‘Nac Tracks Jan. 2019 (YouTube)

‘Nac Tracks Jan. 2019 (Spotify)


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