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my life or some dream

a club fub records compilation

1992 . burlington . boston . brooklyn . 2002

june 9th, 2003 :

club fub records was born in the summer of 1992, when my first band needed a label name to make our early demotapes look more important than they actually were.  it was named for the burlington, vermont band house where we lived, played, drank, and loved.  the club fub catalog slowly grew to include tapes and cds by friends and musical acquaintances.  it was never a solid money-maker, to say the least.

the 'my life or some dream' cd compilation marked the 21st and last official club fub release, pulling together new, unreleased, and rare songs from the extended family tree that grew out of all our mid-nineties burlington bands.  the disc was burned and given to guests at my rock n' roll wedding reception, which took place on saturday, june 9th, 2001 at lilli's in somerville, massachusetts.

to mark the 2nd anniversary of that nine set, free pizza, open bar gathering of friends, here's all fifteen songs from the compilation for download, along with a little write-up on each band, including links to what some of the members are musically up to nowadays.  enjoy.

and don't laugh... bowlcuts were cool.


1. madelines - bradley's almanac
Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in October of 1994



The Madelines (1993 to 1996) were Colin Clary, Pat Hegarty, Kurt Herrmann, and Scott Padden.

This song was originally released on a self-titled cassette EP, and is not only responsible for the name of this website, but it's lyrics provided the title for this compilation.

Colin also plays on track four with his current band, the Magic is Gone, track ten with his old band The Four Color Manual, and he closes out this compilation with a solo song.

In addition to the Magic is Gone, Colin currently plays in Burlington, Vermont band the Smittens.

Kurt also played in My Own Sweet, who contribute track eight.

Pat, Kurt, and Scott play together in Pilot to Gunner, straight outta Brooklyn, who contribute track nine.

2. huffy - carry

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in 1995



huffy (1994 to 1998) was Jeff Brown, Tim Lauben, and Nate Wells.

This song was originally released on the Sunny Drive Time cassette EP.

Tim also plays on track seven with his old band, Snowplow, track eight with My Own Sweet, and currently plays in Brooklyn's the Red and the Black.

3. guppyboy - fall

Download the MP3

Recorded at Low Tech in November 1992



Guppyboy (1991 to 1997) was Jeffrey Baron, Michael Barrett, Zachary Ward, and Christopher Ziter.

This song was originally released on a the Rani cassette EP.

Jeff, Chris, and Mike went on to form the Essex Green, along with Sasha Bell, who was also a member of Guppyboy in their later days.  Mike and Zach also played in Eef, who contribute track fourteen to this compilation.  Mike eventually left the Essex Green, and still releases solo material (check out track thirteen).  The Sixth Great Lake is members of the Essex Green joined by Mike, Zach, and friends ... which means it's pretty close to Guppyboy's original lineup.  Confused?  Excellent.

photo by mike barrett 4. hover - yellow clothes

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in December 1999



hover (1991 to 1994) was Bob Higgins, Nick Nichols, Brad Searles, and Jan Tofferi.

This song was recorded exclusively for this compilation.

Jedd Kettler (from Eef, track fourteen) also played in hover for a time, and plays guitar on this song, which was actually recorded a few years after hover disbanded.  Matt Hutton (from Spray 9 and the Red Telephone) also played a couple shows with hover as well.

While in hover, Nick and Brad started playing in Snowplow (track seven), and after hover, Bob formed Lindy Pear with a guy named Craig Gurwich (aka Summer at Shatter Creek).  Eventually, Nick started a band called Gladly, and Brad went on to play with Jedd in Eef (track fourteen) and then the Four Color Manual (track ten).  In time, Jan and Brad reunited to play together in Starlight Conspiracy (track twelve), while Bob and Nick would join up to play in the Violet Skies (track eleven).  After Starlight, Brad went on to play in the Also-Rans (track six).  Whew.

5. the magic is gone - the seatbelt dilemma

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in 2000



The Magic is Gone (1999 to present) is Joe Boo, Colin Clary, and Tom Goodale.

This song also appears on the Magic's debut disc on Dangerfive.

Colin played in the Madelines (track one), the Four Color Manual (track ten), and currently plays in the Smittens as well.  He also releases solo material (sometimes as the Part-Time Losers) and plays with the Magogs.  Yow!

6. the also-rans - resignation letter

Download the MP3

Recorded at Fort Apache in April 2001



The Also-Rans (2000 to 2002) were Denny Donovan, Chris Kelly, Mary Saunders, Matt Saunders, and Brad Searles.

This song also appears on the 2002 'Resignation EP', released on SincAudio in 2002.

Denny played in Slush, Twelves Times Over, Drowningman, and Starlight Conspiracy (track twelve) before starting the Also-Rans with Brad, who also played in Starlight, as well as hover (track four), Snowplow (track seven), Eef (track fourteen), and the Four Color Manual (track ten).  Chris started out in Aesop, then played in My Own Sweet (track eight) and the Disconnect.  Mary fronts her own pop band called Miss Mary, which includes her hubby, Matt.


7. snowplow - marble

Download the MP3

Originally recorded at Eclipse in 1994, finished at Headroom in 1999



Snowplow (1993 to 1994) was Tim Lauben, Nick Nichols, and Brad Searles.

This song was one of many recorded for Snowplow's never-completed full-lengther, and overdubs were finished up years later in Boston.

Pre-Snowplow, Nick was in hover with Brad.  After Snowplow, Tim moved on to huffy, My Own Sweet, and then the Red & the Black, Nick played in Gladly and the Violet Skies (track 11), and Brad played in, well, a buncha other bands on here.

8. my own sweet - tales of temporary setback

Download the MP3

Recorded at Archer Studios in February 1998



My Own Sweet (1996 to 1999) was Chris Kelly, Tim Lauben, Dave Mersch, and Kurt Hermann.

This song was never released, along with a bunch of other recordings that deserve way more than the collecting of digital dust.

After My Own Sweet, Kurt headed to NYC to play with Pilot to Gunner, while Chris K., Tim, and Dave joined up with Chris Ott (from the Grace Period) on drums to form Boston band the Disconnect.  After the demise of the Disconnect, Chris K. played with the Also-Rans and Tim went on to start up the Red & the Black.

photo by emily wilson 9. pilot to gunner - it's so good to be here in paris   (geoffcholas turnhes mix)

Download the MP3

Recorded at the Rare Book Room in December 1999



Pilot to Gunner (1998 to present) is Patrick Hegarty, Martin McLoughlin, Kurt L. Hermann, and Scott V. Padden.

This song was originally released on a SincAudio seven-inch.

Pat, Kurt, and Scott used to be in the Madelines, while Marty was in a band called Me Jane.  Kurt was also in My Own Sweet, and played drums with the Four Color Manual for awhile.

10. the four color manual - all the factors are in

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in 1998



The Four Color Manual (1997 to 1998) were Dan Scinta, Colin Clary, Brad Searles, and sometimes, Kurt Hermann.

This song was never released.

Colin and Brad are on this disc way too many times.  Kurt's on a bunch, too.  Dan's only on here this once, but it's all he really needs to get his bass-rock across.  Ten tracks in, and these descriptions are getting a little tedious.


photo by b. rosenzweig 11. the violet skies - keep away
         (recorded as Lucretzia Crumb)

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in the fall of 1998


The Violet Skies (1998 to present) are Nick Nichols, Jen Manseau, Bob Higgins, and Susanne Schmidt.
Darren Bernard also contributes guitar to this track.

This song was released on a self-titled cd.

Nick and Bob were both in hover, after which Nick played in Snowplow and Gladly, while Bob played in Lindy Pear.
They reunited years later to form the Violet Skies.

Feels like I missed something there.... that was waaaaay too short.

photo by matt thorsen 12. starlight conspiracy - starlight

Download the MP3

Recorded at Eclipse in 1995



Starlight Conspiracy (1994 to 1999) was Jan Tofferi, Denny Donovan, Brad Searles, and Shawn Flanigan.

This song was released on a Catapult Records 7'' in 1996, and was the first song Starlight ever wrote together.

Ok, let me get this straight.  Jan and Brad were in hover together, and then Jan took a break while Brad played in a billion other bands.  Denny was also playing in a ton of other bands (see details on track 6), until he and Brad started Starlight while working at a record store together.  They grabbed Shawn, who had been playing bass in the Fags, and convinced Jan to come out of hiding about two days before their first show.   After Starlight, Denny and Brad moved to Boston and started the Also-Rans, while Shawn headed westward to musical parts unknown.

13. michael barrett - sunday comes

Download the MP3

Recorded by Denny in Brad's basement in May 2001



Mike Barrett (1970 to present) is Michael Lee Barrett.

This song is previously unreleased, and was recorded for this compilation with the help of Colin, Brad, and Denny.

Michael is a renaissance man.  In addition to his artistic talents, he's played in Guppyboy, the Essex Green, Eef, and the Sixth Great Lake.  He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and will hopefully continue to release more solo material.

14. eef - stable

Download the MP3

Originally recorded at Eclipse in 1994, and remixed at Headroom in 2001



Eef (1994 to 1996) was Mike Barrett, Jedd Kettler, Brad Searles, and eventually, Zach Ward.

This song was originally released on Eef's debut cassette, Three Minute Kings, and was remixed especially for this compilation.

Eef started slow, picked up speed, and ended in a musical train wreck.  You read about Mike above, Zach was in Guppyboy and continues to contribute to the Sixth Great Lake.  Jedd also did a sentence in hover, and now runs The Kept Writer, a bookstore and coffee shop located in St. Albans, Vermont.

15. colin clary - five record players and a projector
         (recorded as the part-time losers)

Download the MP3

Recorded in February 2001



Colin Clary is crazy.

He's played in Brian, Colin, & Vince, the Madelines, with the Magogs, the Four Color Manual, the Magic is Gone, and the Smittens.  He also runs Sudden Shame Records.  Sometimes.

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