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[Live MP3s / 20 Years On] FUGAZI live in Burlington VT 1991

Posted on September 17, 2011 at 11:16 am | 1 Comment

While Fugazi is rarely far from my mind (or my stereo), they seem to be floating around the collective consciousness a little more often this year. Covers and mash-ups, interviews, bassist Joe Lally announcing a Fall world tour in support of his latest solo album (Hey, Boston: Great Scott on 11/15), David Bazan citing drummer Brendan Canty as “probably the musician that I obsessed over more than any other in my life”, and the (hopefully) impending launch of the new Fugazi Live Series Archive, a collection of over 800 recorded shows digitized for fans (in addition to those already available). While everyone is waxing nostalgic about the 20th anniversary of “Nevermind”, I’m more struck by the fact that it’s been two decades since Fugazi put out their seminal sophomore full-length “Steady Diet Of Nothing”.

It was on the eve of that album’s release that the DC quartet hit Burlington, Vermont for a show at Border (now Metronome). Place was packed with around 250 excited kids, myself included, and the crowd surged with every single song, even the new ones. Someone downstairs at Nectar’s said they thought they could see the ceiling bending as we pogoed. Will never forget the first time I ever heard “KYEO“, “Exit Only“, and especially “Long Division“. I covet my soundboard cassette of that night, and it was one of the first live shows I ever digitized for sharing here on the ‘Nac, back in 2002.

So while we wait for the arrival of that Fugazi Live Series site, I figured I’d share up that show again. If that official archive ends up containing this one for download, I’ll probably pull it back down, but for now, have at it. If you’ve already got it, know that I’ve upped the MP3 sample rate from that first share (192 vs 256), and thrown the tracks together into a .zip file so it’s easier to grab. For more live action, hit up And This Is What The Devil Does for an excellent Fugazi live video collection.


Live at Border
in Burlington, Vermont
in the early Spring of 1991

[download as a single 138MB .zip file]

01. intro banter
02. Turnover / Styrofoam
03. banter
04. Sieve-Fisted Find
05. Latin Roots / Merchandise
06. Give Me The Cure / Song 1
07. Margin Walker / Waiting Room
08. Long Division / Blueprint
09. Officer Friendly
10. Shut The Door
11. banter
12. KYEO
13. Exit Only
14. Repeater
15. Reprovisional

I’ve never had any luck, either on the internet or in my own memory banks, finding the exact date of this show. If you happen to know, leave a comment.

Keep your eyes open.


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  1. Anonymous
    December 3rd, 2011 @ 9:37 am


    Per the Fugazi live database (which just went live) it was 14 March 1991:

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