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[Last Night’s Playlist] New Music Night II at River Gods

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 11:33 am | 1 Comment

The second installment of what Jay Clicky Clicky and I have dubbed “New Music Night” took place this past Thursday at beloved bar River Gods in Cambridge, MA – which means it’s officially a thing. A thing that is now officially more than a one-off experiment. A thing that will happen again. Every couple of months in fact. Let’s hear it for regularity (if not for naming originality). Huzzah!

If June’s first edition of NMN was mostly my “faves of the year so far” set, then Thursday night was my summer soundtrack. Here’s a list of what I played, with some info on each track, and where you can hear it. Boston-area artists get a star *, y’know, just because. And look, it’s a Spotify playlist, too. Sweet, sweet technology. For Jay’s list o’ songs, go here. Thanks to all who came out to hear us spin. We’ll be back in the booth in a couple months…


Thursday, August 11th, 2011

at River Gods in Cambridge, MA

co-hosted by DJs Brad Almanac & Jay Clicky Clicky

[ * = Boston-area artist ]

Set One / 9pm-10pm / Brad Almanac

01. Mogwai – “Get To France

[ from the forthcoming “Earth Division” EP on Sub Pop / Stream song ]

02. Memoryhouse – “Quiet America

[ from the forthcoming “The Years” EP on Sub Pop / Watch the video ]

03. Loney Dear – “My Heart

[ from the forthcoming “Hall Music” LP on Polyvinyl / Download song ]

04. Carissa’s Wierd – “Meredith & Iris

[ b-side to a forthcoming 7-inch on Hardly Art / Stream song ]

05. Stephin Merritt – “The Sun and the Sea and the Sky

[ from the forthcoming “Obscurities” collection on Merge / Download a track ]

06. The Milkman’s Union – “Texas Hold Me” (with Aly Spaltro / LLtB)

[ from the forthcoming 7-inch on Eternal Otter / duet with Lady Lamb the Beekeeper ]

07. Beirut – “Santa Fe

[ from new LP “The Rip Tide” / Stream song ]

08. * Ryan Lee Crosby – “Summer’s Come (You Are Gone)

[ the new single out Aug. 25 / listening party that night @ River Gods ]

09. Carter Tanton – “Murderous Joy

[ from his forthcoming “Freeclouds” LP on Western Vinyl / MP3 ]

10. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – “Tigers

[ from the forthcoming “Mirror Traffic” on Matador / MP3 ]

11. Elliott Smith – “Untitled (Mailman Thinks Me Dumb)

[ alt. mix of “The Real Estate” from “Live From Nowhere Near You” vol. III ]

12. Centro-matic – “Solid States

[ from “Candidate Waltz” on Undertow / Stream song ]

13. Idaho – “The Space Between

[ from “You Were A Dick”, self-released via Bandcamp / Stream song ]

14. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Sophia In Gold

[ from the “Paper Crush” EP on Old Flame / MP3 ]

15. The Drums – “Money

[ from the forthcoming “Portamento” LP on Island / Stream song ]

16. Acid House Kings – “Under Water

[ new single from “Music Sounds Better With You” on Labrador / MP3 ]

17. Oax – “Scoundrel

[ from the “This Distance” EP on Bladen Country Recs / Stream song ]

18. * Sharp Darts USA – “Un-tied Feeling” (demo)

[ self-released demo on Bandcamp / Stream song ]

Set Three / 11pm-12pm / Brad Almanac

19. Polvo – “Heavy Detour

[ from the new 7-inch on Merge / Stream song ]

21. Boston Spaceships – “Tabby and Lucy

[ from the new “Let It Beard” LP on tFoRW / Download song ]

22. Finding Fiction – “Migraines & Sheep

[ from the free, self-released “Try This At Home” EP (10-inch soon) / Download song ]

23. Mittenfields – “My Mind Is An Avalanche

[ from self-released “The Fresh Sum” EP via Bandcamp / Stream song ]

24. The Capstan Shafts – “Come Wilder

[ from the self-released, pay-what-you-will “Kind Empires” LP / Stream song ]

25. The James Rocket – “Great Expectations

[ self-released / MP3 ]

26. * Spirit Kid – “Happiness

[ from the self-released “Happiness” EP via Bandcamp / Stream song ]

27. Veronica Falls – “Come On Over

[ from the forthcoming self-titled debut LP on Slumberland / MP3 ]

28. Big Troubles – “Misery

[ from the forthcoming “Romantic Comedy” LP on Slumberland / MP3 ]

29. Rob Crow (of Pinback) – “Sophistructure

[ from his forthcoming “He Thinks He’s People” solo LP / Stream song ]

30. * Louder My Dear – “Two Cars

[ from “What’s The Matter With You, Rock?” LP on Midriff / Stream song ]

31. Deleted Scenes – “Burglarizing the Deaf

[ from the forthcoming “Young People’s Church of the Air” LP on Sockets / Stream another song ]

32. Disappears – “Halo

[ from the “Guider” LP on Kranky / Stream other songs ]

33. Cave – “WUJ

[ from the forthcoming “Neverendless” LP on Drag City / Stream another song ]

34. Ume – “Captive

[ from the forthcoming “Phantoms” LP on Modern Outsider / MP3 ]

35. * Darling Pet Munkee – “Darling Pet Monkey

[ from the self-released “Glows in the Dark!” EP via Bandcamp / MP3 ]

36. Yawn – “Acid

[ from the forthcoming “Open Season” LP on Feeltrip/Englophile / MP3 ]

37. M83 – “Midnight City

[from the forthcoming “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” LP on Mute / Stream song ]

38. Frightened Rabbit – “Fuck This Place

[from their tour EP / duet with Tracyanne of Camera Obscura / Stream song ]

And that was that. New music, newer music, and music not-yet-new. Stream the direct-linked MP3s over at the Hype Machine (and grab their ace iPhone app if you haven’t yet).

Again, for a look at Jay’s two excellent sets of songs, head here.

(For the record, it takes way longer to pull together this post than it does to actually play all the songs listed above. That seems somehow… wrong. I am a slave to detail.)


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  1. Michael J. Epstein
    August 14th, 2011 @ 2:12 pm

    Awesome playlist and thanks for the DPM spin (and for including so much local stuff in general)!

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