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[Nac Faves] My Favorite Music of 2018

Posted on July 9, 2019 at 8:16 am | 1 Comment

Well, someone’s gotta be the caboose, right? My total inability to share my annual musical-faves list in a timely manner has resulted in a single goal: To just finish it sooner than I did the year before. (*looks at last year’s post*) April 2nd. Big sigh. Not even close! But hey, at least today is closer to last year than next year. Wait, no, I passed that last week. Bigger sigh. Next year, I swear.

At last (literally), here’s my alphabetical run down of favorite long-players, and a few shorter-players, released in the long-gone calendar year of 2018. Things I loved, and still love, and will continue to love despite the constant churn of the new. I have no idea how anyone keeps up anymore, unless finding special new songs is your paid full-time gig. And if that’s the case, well, I wish you good fortune and steady health insurance.

I’ve included label links where I can, and at least one embedded song from each release, along with a streaming playlist that I spent waaaaay too much time sequencing. For the love of aural arts, don’t just listen to the streams, though… buy the stuff that strikes you as direct as you can from the artists and their labels below.

I’ve been doin’ these yearly posts for awhile, so long that stopping entirely would be both sad and silly, and here’s the proof in the form of those previous lists: 2017, 2016 & 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, & 2001. Check ’em out if you’re up for cruising my own little music-memory lane.

And if you’re still in a list-loving mood, check out these top-notch run-downs from a few far more punctual pals & peers: Kumar’s Blizznog, Sebastian’s New Artillery, the Ash Gray Proclamation, Allston Pudding, and Ben’s Noise Floor.

‘Nac Faves of 2018 – Spotify playlist

My Favorite LPs of 2018

Eric Bachmann
“No Recover”
[ on Merge Records ]

Yet another fantastic record from Mr. Bachmann that includes at least one instant, and instantly devastating, classic (“Daylight”). We’re so fortunate to have him regularly releasing solo material and touring while keeping his Archers of Loaf simmering on the backburner, ready to boil. Another recent show by that band has me hoping for more, but so long as Eric keeps putting out albums this stellar on his own, I’ll be fine.

[ Stream the LP at Bandcamp / Buy direct from Merge ]

Courtney Barnett
“Tell Me How You Really Feel”
[ on Mom + Pop Music ]

I remember wondering if Courtney Barnett’s 2017 team-up with Kurt Vile would result in a longer wait for her own next record, so I was psyched when another fix of pure, undiluted Courtney showed up relatively soon after. Not only was it was packed with great songs (and Barry-approved), but she’s already given us a couple more excellent singles since. The rare quality + quantity combo.

[ Stream at Soundcloud / Buy direct from Mom + Pop ]

[ self-funded via PledgeMusic ]

A very, very welcome recorded return from Tanya, Gail, Tom, & Chris with an LP that can sit comfortably alongside their pre-reunion discography. We here in the northeast U.S. have been spoiled with multiple live Belly shows since they got back together in 2016, and each one has been no less than a joyous event, filled with familiar songs, new gems, and good friends wearing smiling faces. I can’t imagine the special vibes they conjured not resulting in more to come, but for now I remain grateful for what we’ve had.

[ Buy it wherever you can ]

The Beths
“Future Me Hates Me”
[ on Carpark Records ]

One of last year’s new discoveries for me, and I fell for these New Zealanders very, very hard. Irresistible hooks and harmonies for days. I don’t rank my yearly faves, but if I did this one is an easy top spot contender.

[ Stream the LP on Soundcloud / Buy from Carpark ]

The Bevis Frond
“We’re Your Friends, Man”
[ on Fire Records ]

The Frond’s discography can be an overwhelming one – after all, Nick Saloman and his mates have been putting out records for more than three decades. They skipped the whole break-up/reunite thing that every other 80s/90s outfit has done and just kept on keepin’ on, regularly releasing ace LPs every couple years. This one grabbed me more than the last few, and I still can’t believe Nick & bandmate Adrian somehow ended up performing in my dang living room. If I didn’t have the photos, I’d doubt it ever happened.

[ Stream the LP on Bandcamp / Buy direct from Fire ]

The Breeders
“All Nerve”
[ on 4AD Records ]

Just the Breeders doing what they do so perfectly, making an album only they could make. It’s an often-off-kilter record, in the best way – more Podish than Last Splashy, with songs maybe not as immediately catchy as their quote-unquote hits, but the oddness burrows deep. Kim finally ditching that other band has reaped some major rewards.

[ Buy the album direct from 4AD ]

Buffalo Tom
“Quiet and Peace”
[ on Banquet Records ]

Another decades-old band that thankfully never bothered to break up, a local Boston-based fave that pops its head up every once in awhile to play sporadic shows and freshen up their discography. “Quite and Peace” is a worthy and welcome addition.

BTW, have you checked out Bill Janovitz’s recently-compiled “Covers of the Weeks” collections? Do so right here. Some truly great takes to be found within.

[ Buy it straight from Banquet ]

Camp Cope
“How to Socialise & Make Friends”
[ on Run For Cover Records ]

Another Australasian band that I heard for the very first time in ’18, and it took exactly one song to jump on their train (it was this video from January, in fact). Georgia McDonald is one hell of a frontperson, she brings such a powerful voice to the current chorus of strong female songwriters, and I absolutely cannot wait to see & hear where the road ahead takes her and her band. I’m here for all of it.

[ Buy direct from Run For Cover ]

Neko Case
[ on Anti Records ]

I mean, it’s a Neko Case record. No paragraph required, right? Just click the play button on this song…

[ Buy direct from Anti ]

Clever Girls
[ self-released via Bandcamp ]

I felt a strong instant connection to Clever Girls, based purely on geography. Any band that comes outta my ol’ hometown, that writes songs and practices for shows in the same Burlington, Vermont environs I once did, gets extra attention when they pop up on my radar. And CGs have the songs to stay there. They even did me the kindness of playing about a block from my place last year, with an O’Brien’s set that easily measured up to the promise of the record.

[ Stream & buy direct at Bandcamp ]

“Negative Work”
[ on Thrill Jockey ]

The second record from this intense, angular Boston-based trio gives Thalia Zedek two appearances on my faves list: The TZ Band LP below, and this sophomore team-up with Jason Sanford (Neptune) and Gavin McCarthy (Karate). As much as I dig their recordings, E’s power best comes through in a live setting, and we’re lucky to get them fairly regularly here in town. If you get a chance to see ’em, take advantage.

[ Buy direct from Thrill Jockey ]

The Essex Green
“Hardly Electronic”
[ on Merge Records ]

I was hyper-aware of the 12-year gap between this and the previous Essex Green LP (2006 stand-out “Cannibal Sea”), both as a fan and a friend, so the wait felt extra-long. I resisted pestering them with too many questions (“How’s the recording going?! How many songs? Is Merge putting it out again?!”), and savored every little update from our Vermont-centric circle. Sure, there were times I wondered if it’d ever come out at all, until suddenly, word of a final mix… then a release date… a shared new song…and at last… a Merge package in the mail. Many joy-filled live shows have followed, proving that long wait was damn well worth it. Here’s to shorter waits ahead.

[ Buy direct from Merge ]

Field Music
“Open Here”
[ on Memphis Industries ]

The Field Music formula hasn’t changed a great deal over the last few records, and that’s the opposite of a complaint. They Brewis Brothers have it down to a science, so why mess with it?

BTW, David Brewis recently released a surprise LP under his School of Language moniker, so have at it.

[ Buy direct from Memphis Industries ]

Film School
“Bright To Death”
[ on Cobraside Records ]

I honestly figured we’d lost Film School for awhile there. After a half-decade hiatus that started in 2011, I thought they could be gone for good, so the announcement of 2016’s “June” EP (recorded with reunited previous members) was cause for cheers. Two more singles proved that lineup reunion wasn’t a one-off, and shared photos of studio time in early 2018 teased a full-length. The result, “Bright To Death”, showed up in September, and it’s a perfect balance of “Hideout”-era, pop-noise Film School with the more expansive sounds they explored on 2010’s “Fission” LP. How this band isn’t a bigger deal eludes me, but I’m so glad they’re still plugging away.

(And I’m trying not to be too bummed that their recent East Coast trip skipped right over Boston. Next time, please?)

[ Buy direct from Cobraside ]

Happy Accidents
“Everything But The Here And Now”
[ on Alcopop! Records ]

There were so many reasons I treasured the rare opportunity to travel to the UK to take part in the marvelous Indietracks Fest, and high among them were the bands I discovered sharing the lineup. London trio Happy Accidents were a standout, and I’ve been singing their praises (and their songs, um, in my car) ever since. I assumed it’d be a long while before I’d get to catch them again, if ever, so I was thrilled to see a Boston-area stop on their first-ever U.S. tour earlier this year. They were just as great in front of a small Monday-night Charlie’s crowd a mile from my house as they were in front of hundreds of fest-goers three thousand miles away.

[ Buy direct from Alcopop! ]

Kristin Hersh
“Possible Dust Clouds”
[ on Fire Records ]

In the fall of 1992, not long they had signed to Sub Pop (but before their debut LP had arrived) Portland, OR trio (the real) Pond finished up a UK tour opening for Throwing Muses and flew straight across the Atlantic to the sleepy little city of Burlington, Vermont. The occasion? Sub Pop’s monstrous Vermonstress festival, which took over my hometown for one ridiculously fun October weekend.

So what does this have to do with a 2018 Kristin Hersh solo record? Pond’s Chris Brady, that’s what. Back in ’92, the bass player/co-vocalist raved about touring with Kristin and her Muses, and a couple decades later the two of them teased a new trio named Outros (with 50 Foot Waves’ Rob Ahlers on drums). A promising demo track was shared, but nothing official ever became of their collaboration… until Possible Dust Clouds arrived.

My favorite Kristin solo release in ages features Brady’s unmistakable voice, singing on a few tracks that I assume were meant to be Outros songs but found their way here. These two singular songwriters working together? A dream for a longtime fan of both. Hearing Chris make music after so long is a gift, and one I hope we get again before too long.

[ Buy direct from Fire Records ]

Hop Along
“Bark Your Head Off, Dog”
[ on Saddle Creek Records ]

Frances Quinlan and her band keep hitting the high bar of their debut, writing songs that shiver, stretch, and swerve in remarkable ways while making it sound effortless. Parts that shouldn’t fit together just do, songs go places you don’t expect, and this time I was even more blown away by Mark Quinlan’s sharp, innovative drumming. So, so good.

[ Buy direct from Saddle Creek ]

Hot Snakes
“Jericho Sirens”
[ on Sub Pop Records ]

Still cranking out propulsive rock songs and pummeling live audiences like gentlemen half their ages. You’ll rarely see so much sweat on a stage. Long may they tour.

[ Buy direct from Sub Pop ]

“Double Negative”
[ on Sub Pop Records ]

Did I like this record? Yes, I did. A lot. Am I going to return to it as much as I do so much of Low’s catalog? To be honest, probably not. This album is… deeply unsettling. It’s a very particular kind of weird, and very much of the time we live in. I wasn’t sure what to make of it on first listen, but it eventually burrowed its way under my skin and won me over, even more so after seeing some of the songs played live. I suppose if I’m ever feeling too comfortable, I’ll throw this on. To quote my kid from the backseat, “Dad, what the heck are we listening to? It’s freaking me out.”

[ Buy direct from Sub Pop ]

“KIN” Original Soundtrack
[ on Temporary Residence Records ]

I haven’t see this film, but I sure do love its soundtrack. Mogwai used this scoring opportunity to stretch a bit in a couple different directions, both poppier (the song shared below) and more spacey. Shame that this may have been overlooked by fans waiting for a ‘proper’ Mogwai LP, because to me it sure sounds like one.

[ Buy direct from Temporary Residence ]

Tony Molina
“Kill The Lights”
[ on Slumberland Records ]

It took the ever-dependable Slumberland to finally turn me onto the songwriting of Tony Molina, a guy whose name I’ve seen around for years but for some reason never heard until this LP. He puts the perfect amount of jangle in his pop, and strikes just the right balance between weight and wistfulness. “Kill The Lights” is a collection of songs that are made with care, and deserve to be listened to the same way.

Tony is about to release a follow-up of sorts, collecting a bunch of rarities as the “Songs from San Mateo County” LP on Smoking Room Records. Pre-order it here.

[ Buy direct from Slumberland ]

New Dog
“Curve of the Earth”
[ self-released via Bandcamp ]

Anar Badalov (formerly of Metal Hearts & Travels) continues to quietly release gorgeous albums as New Dog, with “Curve of the Earth” being the fourth in the six years since he started doing the solo thing. This one’s a little more muscular, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the disquieting delicacy he conjures so effortlessly. I can’t imagine any fan of Sparklehorse or the Album Leaf not finding something to love here. I’d go so far as to say this is his best record yet, but I’m sure I’ve said that about the last couple, too. And will probably say it about the next.

[ Buy direct through Bandcamp ]

Poster Children
“Grand Bargain”
[ on Lotuspool Records / funded via PledgeMusic ]

Another welcome return, longtime faves Poster Children cranked the machinery back up and unleashed a “Grand Bargain” upon us. Hooky ferociousness & smartly-delivered frustration, the PKids have lost none of their bite in the 14 years (!) since their previous record. What a joy it was to see them in the tiny confines of O’Brien’s last July.

[ Buy direct from the band ]

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
“Hope Downs”
[ on Sub Pop Records ]

Maybe my favorite personal discovery of last year, RBCF do snappy Australasian-pop-rock to pure perfection. A cracking rhythm section lays the bed for the kind of sharp, clean, dual-guitar interplay that gives me headsparks. Their live set matched my high hopes, thankfully at the best-sounding venue in town, and that stand-out night at the Sinclair was absolute bliss.

RBCF has an excellent follow-up 7-inch, “In the Capital” b/w “Read My Mind”, available from Sub Pop.

[ Buy direct from Sub Pop ]

“Winning Star Champion”
[ on Barsuk Records ]

After playing in bands for a bunch of years, Matt Batey made his recorded debut as Ruler with this insta-infectious first LP. It immediately brought to mind the initial impact of early Telekinesis, and that’s about the highest compliment I can give. Barsuk has brought us the goods once again, and I eagerly await a follow-up.

Also, how great is his Gin Blossoms cover?

[ Buy direct from Barsuk ]

“Beg Your Pardon”
[ on the Ernest Jenning Record Co. ]

Savak! I’ve got deja-deja vu, since these gents ended up on last year’s list, too. And the year before that. And they’ll probably end up on next year’s (with this forthcoming EP). I said last time that I was going to hold them to this “album per year” thing, and it seems they took me seriously. Quality meets quanity with these guys, but with their pedigree, that should come as no surprise.

[Buy direct from Ernest Jenning ]

“Used To Yesterday”
[ on Slumberland Records ]

Their second full-length, but first for Slumberland, which is why this record got my ear (trust in Papa Slumber). It was their fuzzy kiwi-pop-inspired songs kept them in there. I’ve listened to this one a ton and still haven’t tired of it.

[ Buy direct from Slumberland ]

Snail Mail
[ on Matador Records ]

After a couple of solid EPs, Lindsey Jordan’s first full-length as Snail Mail arrived courtesy of Matador last summer and ticked all the requisite boxes for something I’d love. On its surface, sure, it’s ye olde three-piece indie rock, but it’s delivered with both delicacy and weight that belies Jordan’s (relatively) young age. Her gorgeous vocals, plaintive lyrics, standout guitar playing, and often off-kilter song structures combine to set her far above the standard singer-songwriter set. Here’s hoping she’s in it for the long haul.

[ Buy direct from Matador Records ]

Soccer Mommy
[ on Fat Possum Records ]

More than one online acquaintance has conflated or confused Snail Mail with Soccer Mommy… and sure, they’re victims of career-trajectory timing, kindred styles, and fairly similar pen names. Hell, they’re right next to each other in this list, so it’s tough for me to avoid mentioning one without the other here.

Sophie Allison has her own special thing going on with Soccer Mommy, though – a bit more sonic beauty, a very subtle touch of twang, more dynamic in both production and overall aesthetic. Seeing her open for Liz Phair last year was a true pleasure, as the two share not only an obvious mutual admiration but a similar starting point, with bedroom-pop demos attracting unexpected attention and proper debut LPs that brought relatively rapid acclaim. It’ll be interesting to see how or if her career trajectory aligns with Phair’s early run from here on out.

[ Buy direct from Fat Possum ]

Speedy Ortiz
“Twerp Verse”
[ on Carpark Records ]

Speedy’s third LP in five years, all released on Carpark, and I’m still going to say they’re “doing Boston proud” despite their now-tenuous local grounding. I’m loving watching this band mature, both on stage and on record. They’ve been getting a little weirder in the best way, tweaking their formula to keep things interesting, writing songs that are a bit more complex without sacrificing catchiness. I’m in for all of it.

[ Buy direct from Carpark ]

The Spook School
“Could It Be Different?”
[ on Slumberland Records ]

Sigh. Farewell and thank you to my beloved Spook School, who are in the process of singing and dancing into the musical sunset at this very moment. Saying they’re leaving us on a high note is a big ol’ understatement, as this final (*sniff*) record is my favorite, and the last time I saw them was a total blast. They’ll play their so-long shows in September, and if I was in the UK I’d be in the front row with a giant, wistful grin on my face.

[ Buy direct from Slumberland ]

“‘s Favorite Friend”
[ on Exploding In Sound Records ]

This record was a revelation. I’ve been into Steve Hartlett’s Stove for awhile now, as well as his excellent other project, the on-again-off-again-on-again rock band Ovlov, but for some reason none of his other output has floored me like this LP did. What ostensibly started years ago as a solo project has transformed into an incredibly cohesive band, and this album is the incontrovertible evidence. Lots of great ingredients in the sonic stew here, but the first influence that jumped to mind is maybe a moderately more melodic Swirlies. I love this thing first note to last, and it’s hard to say that about many full-lengthers these days.

[ Buy direct from Exploding In Sound ]

“What A Time To Be Alive”
[ on Merge Records ]

Ah, the mighty Superchunk. Still going strong, still putting out ace LPs whenever the mood hits them, and their records always seem to show up at just the right time. This one was bolstered by some top-notch guests, including Katie Crutchfield, David Bazan, Sabrina Ellis, and Stephin Merritt. Talk about bringing in the ringers. The album may be better for it, but the songs were there either way

BTW, have you heard the just-released acoustic version of their classic “Foolish” LP? It’s Superchunk AF.

[ Buy direct from Merge ]

Thalia Zedek Band
“Fighting Season”
[ on Thrill Jockey Records ]

Thalia’s second appearance on this list has her fronting her eponymous rock band for what I’m pretty sure is my all-time fave TZB LP. At least until the next one. I have the location-based good fortune of seeing her play a lot, so hearing many of these tracks live before their release proved how much they’d stick with me, and how well the recording would capture her killer band’s on-stage sound. The release party for the record was a personal 2018 highlight.

[ Buy direct from Thrill Jockey ]

Willard Grant Conspiracy
[ on Loose Music ]

This nearly-finished record was lovingly completed by Robert Fisher’s close collaborators in the aftermath of his passing in early 2017, and released by his longtime UK label Loose Music last year. It stands as beautiful memorial to a man who impacted all who knew him, either personally or musically. If you’re a WGC fan, you’re probably not a passive one… when you heard Robert’s remarkable voice and way around a song, you were likely all in. It took a village of musicians to help him bring his work to the world over the years, and the loss of their leader is a loss for all.

[ Buy direct from Loose Music ]

“What Heaven Is Like”
[ on Damnably Records ]

Another excellent addition to the Wussy discography, with the unmistakable voices & songwriting styles of Lisa Walker & Chuck Cleaver combining in all the best ways. “Gloria” is a an absolute stunner, and my anticipation to see it played live has only grown after the band put post-album shows on hold in the wake of some health issues. They’re back this summer as a (drummerless) touring trio, and coming through town again soon. Cannot wait. I volunteer as tribute! I mean, as drummer. For a song or two? I’m kidding. Kinda.

[ Buy direct from Damnably ]

Wye Oak
“The Louder I Call The Faster It Runs”
[ on Merge Records ]

The ever-deepening discography of Jenn Wasner & Andy Stack continues to incorporate slight stylistic shifts while retaining whatever makes them so perfectly Wye Oak. Their accumlated songwriting and production experience has made each consecutive record even more rewarding with repeat listens, and their increased solo output and collaborations have given us even more to love.

Speaking of which, pre-order Andy’s upcoming full-length solo debut as Joyero from Merge, and grab Jenn’s latest Flock of Dimes 7-inch (a split with Madeline Kenney) from Carpark.

[ Buy direct from Merge ]

Yo La Tengo
“There’s A Riot Going On”
[ on Matador Records ]

Not exactly Yo La Tengo’s most cohesive record, but I’m not sure it was meant to be. Album-release interviews spoke of new music cobbled together from practice space tape ideas, of soundtrack-ish snippets repurposed to create full songs. YLT usually covers many stylistic bases on their records, but there’s nothing I’d call a straight-up rock n’ roll song here, and it’s completely free of any patented Ira Kaplan guitar-freakouts. The Jersey trio ended up with one of their most laid-back, most beautiful LPs this time around, and it hit me just right.

[ Buy direct from Matador ]

Young Jesus
“The Whole Thing Is Just There”
[ on Saddle Creek ]

Young Jesus was also new to me last year, though they shouldn’t have been – a quick email search shows I got my first promo note about them more than 7 years ago, ahead of their debut record. Maybe I wasn’t ready for them back then, but this new one hit me like a brick to the brain. Six songs totaling just under an hour, one of which is the 20-minute powerfully hypnotic closer, “Gulf”, a song I figured I’d never see played live.

I was wrong, and the band provided me with one of my favorite on-stage moments of 2018 when, after just a couple songs at Great Scott, frontman John Rossiter said “This will be our last one…”. My momentarily bummed-out brain thought “Last song?! Well, it had better be Gulf.” And so it was. Absolutely epic.

And a hat tip to the music supervisor for Netflix’s The OA, who used both “Gulf” and album-opener “Deterritory” in the latest season. Just perfect.

[ Buy direct from Saddle Creek ]

A few favorite singles, short-players,
& web-only releases of 2018

Lou Barlow
“Love Intervene” single
[ on Joyful Noise Recordings ]

One of Loobie’s strongest singles in ages. Really looking forward to Joyful Noise’s new “Lou Barlow Artist Enabler Club” subscription thingee.

[ Buy direct from Joyful Noise ]

David Bazan & Sean Lane
“Rare Coins” EP
[ on 15 Passenger Records ]

A split EP with a few new Bazan tracks, including the killer “Opposite Soul” (below). I think this was his last batch of solo songs released before his (ridiculously great) Pedro the Lion relaunch.

[ Buy direct from 15 Passenger ]

“Stay Down” EP
[ on Matador Records ]

Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, & Lucy Dacus. A magical team up, a remarkable debut EP, and one of the best shows I saw in 2018.

[ Buy direct from Matador ]

Cinerama / The Wedding Present
“White Riot / “The Name of the Game” single
[ on WIAIWYA Records ]

I’m a sucker for David Gedge & company doing covers. A recently-announced Weddoes single bodes well for a possible new LP on the way. Fingers crossed.

[ Buy direct from WIAIWYA ]

Mike Gent
“Last Friday of the Month” singles series
[ self-released via Bandcamp ]

Mike Gent (of the Figgs/Gentlemen/Needy Sons) cranked out solid monthly singles all year long over on Bandcamp. Head on over there, and catch him solo or with the Figgs when and if you get the chance.

[ Buy direct over on Bandcamp ]

Girl Ray
“The Way We Came Back” single
[ on Moshi Moshi Music ]

My other favorite discovery at last year’s Indietracks Fest, the truly wonderful Girl Ray. I fully absorbed their 2017 debut LP, “Earl Grey”, and absolutely cannot wait to hear its full-length follow-up.

[ Buy direct through Bandcamp ]

Gregory and the Hawk
“Texan Collection” song series
[ via Patreon ]

Meredith Godreau follows up her Patreon-funded “On the Orange Mountain” series of songs with another chapter titled “Texan Collection”. It’s more sporadic, but I’ll take whatever I can get, so long as she keeps it coming.

[ Support GatH through Patreon ]

Mint Mile
“Heartroller” EP
[ on Comedy Minus One Records ]

Tim Midyett (Silkworm/Bottomless Pit) releases his third excellent EP in a row under the Mint Mile moniker, and I’m giddy at the news that he/they will have a double album, titled “Ambertron”, out sometime this year. YES.

[ Buy direct from Comedy Minus One ]

Soft Skies, Inc.
quarterly song releases
[ via Bandcamp ]

They easily made last year’s list, and more songs in 2018 meant they’d end up on this one, too. You can head to Bandcamp to hear them all, or you can finally hit up Spotify as well. Here, I made you a playlist.

[ Listen & buy digitally on Bandcamp ]

“Our Work Is Done” charity 7-inch
[ on Merge Records ]

My favorite in Superchunk’s series of limited charity singles, with some artwork variants auctioned off for worthy causes. These things sell out pretty fast, but you can still listen to and buy the digital versions.

[ Sold out, but listen at Merge ]

And that’s a wrap. I am now officially unblocked and unburdened. I’ll leave you with this…

When the final runner crossed the finish line at this year’s Boston Marathon, she was quoted as saying:

The time will never matter. It’s the fact that I finished.


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    Jukebox The Ghost
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    Sunday, April 2nd
    Robyn Hitchcock
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    Monday, April 3rd
    Kate Bollinger
    @ the House of Blues

    Tuesday, April 4th
    Jason Narducy (Split Single,
    Superchunk, Bob Mould Band)
    with a string section
    live in Somerville
    @ A Curated World

    Thursday, April 6th
    Rick Berlin w/Orchestra Luna,
    Berlin Airlift, & Nickel & Dime Band,
    with guests The Sheila Divine,
    Hallelujah the Hills, & Nervous Eaters
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Thursday, April 6th
    Jake McKelvie &
    the Countertops
    with Thalia Zedek
    @ Notch Brewing, Brighton

    Thursday, April 6th
    Caroline Rose
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, April 7th
    Laura Stevenson
    "Wheel" 10th Anniversary
    Kayleigh Goldsworthy
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, April 8th
    Dear Nora
    (Katy Davidson solo)
    @ Gallery 263

    Saturday, April 8th
    Sleaford Mods
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday, April 8th
    Emma Ruth Rundle
    @ Crystal Ballroom

    Sunday, April 9th
    Bikini Kill
    @ Roadrunner

    Thursday, April 13th
    Andrew Bird
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Thursday, April 13th
    Jake McKelvie &
    the Countertops
    with Dutch Tulips
    @ Notch Brewing, Brighton

    Friday, April 14th
    U.S. Girls
    Jane Inc.
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, April 14th
    Radio Compass
    @ Faces Brewing, Malden

    Friday, April 14th
    @ the Paradise

    Saturday, April 15th
    Raw Bell
    Unmade Bed
    The Mystery
    @ the Jungle

    Saturday, April 15th
    Sidewalk Driver
    Stars Like Ours
    Aaron and the Lord
    @ Crystal Ballroom

    Sunday, April 16th
    Barbara Manning
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, April 16th
    Peter Case
    Ben de la Cour
    @ Atwood's Tavern

    Sunday, April 16th
    Dead Can Dance
    @ the Wang

    Wednesday, April 19th
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Thursday, April 20th
    Black Flag
    @ the Middle East Down

    Thursday, April 20th
    Jake McKelvie &
    the Countertops
    with Puppy Problems
    and Slim Volume
    @ Notch Brewing, Brighton

    Friday, April 21st
    Nova One
    Lady Pills
    @ the Lilypad

    Friday, April 21st
    The Feelies
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, April 21st
    Fruit Bats
    @ the Royale

    Saturday, April 22nd
    Nora O'Connor
    special intimate solo show
    @ in Somerville

    Saturday, April 22nd
    Elliot Lee
    @ the Royale

    Saturday, April 22nd
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    @ Roadrunner

    Sunday, April 23rd
    Skinny Puppy
    @ House of Blues

    Sunday, April 23rd
    @ Roadrunner

    Monday, April 24th
    Stay In Nothing
    Wavier Wire
    Indoor Friends
    The Dream Today
    @ the Silhouette Lounge

    Tuesday & Wednesday
    April 25th & 26th
    Built to Spill
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, April 26th
    Andy Shauf
    @ the Royale
    Thursday, April 27th
    Jake McKelvie &
    the Countertops
    with Andy Cohen (of
    Silkworm & Bottomless Pit)
    and Ezra Cohen &
    the Big City Band
    @ Notch Brewing, Brighton

    Friday & Saturday
    April 28th & 29th
    The Town & the City Festival
    with so many artists, including...
    Buffalo Tom, Ted Leo, John Doe Trio,
    Vapors of Morphine, Rhett Miller,
    Pile, Dave Herlihy (O Positive),
    Robin Lane, Justine & the Unclean,
    and many, many more
    @ lots of walkable Lowell, MA venues

    Saturday, April 29th
    Screaming Females
    Iron Chic
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Saturday, April 29th
    @ Roadrunner

    Sunday, April 30th
    John Vanderslice
    intimate solo show
    @ somewhere in Somerville

    Sunday, April 30th
    Deap Vally
    @ Roadrunner

    Monday, May 1st
    Mill Pond Falls
    Norris The Terrible
    Modern Day Idols
    Jim Healey
    @ the Silhouette

    Monday, May 1st
    Pedro The Lion
    "It's Hard To Find A Friend"
    and "Control" in full
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, May 3rd
    The Natural Lines
    (ex-Matt Pond PA)
    @ Crystal Ballroom

    Friday, May 5th
    Fever Ray
    @ Roadrunner

    Saturday, May 6th
    @ the Middle East Down

    Saturday, May 6th
    Cathedral Ceilings
    Hilken Mancini Band
    Lupo Citta
    @ the Midway

    Saturday, May 6th
    Nova Twins
    @ Roadrunner

    Saturday, May 6th
    David Cross
    Sean Patton
    @ the Wilbur

    Sunday, May 7th
    Meg Baird
    Damon & Naomi
    @ Crystal Ballroom

    Sunday, May 7th
    Goth Babe
    Yoke Lore
    @ Roadrunner

    Sunday, May 7th
    Franz Ferdinand
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Wednesday, May 10th
    Natalie Merchant
    @ the Emerson Colonial

    Thursday, May 11th
    Hilken Mancini Band
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, May 11th
    Graham Nash
    @ the Cabot, Beverly

    Friday, May 12th
    The Lemon Twigs
    Josephine Network
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, May 13th
    The Hold Steady
    Dinosaur Jr.
    @ Roadrunner

    Monday, May 15th
    Radio Compass
    @ Charlie's Kitchen

    Monday, May 15th
    The New Pornographers
    Wild Pink
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday, May 17th
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Thursday, May 18th
    The Pernice Brothers
    perform "Overcome By Happiness"
    (with a string section!)
    @ the Crystal Ballroom

    Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
    May 19th, 20th, & 21st
    Taylor Swift
    Phoebe Bridgers
    @ Gillette Stadium

    Sunday, May 21st
    Blink 182
    @ the Garden

    Wednesday, May 24th
    Beach Bunny
    Pool Kids
    @ Roadrunner

    Monday, May 29th
    An Attendant Ana
    Adult Learners
    Hands and Knees
    @ O'Brien's

    Tuesday, May 30th
    Frank Turner
    The Interrupters
    Laura Jane Grace
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Tuesday, May 30th
    Crowded House
    @ the Wang

    Wednesday, May 31th
    Sisters of Mercy
    @ Big Night Live

    Wednesday, May 31th
    Fenne Lily
    Christian Lee Hutson
    @ the Sinclair

    Friday, June 2nd
    The Album Leaf
    @ the Somerville Armory

    Friday, June 2nd
    Bruce Cockburn
    @ the Cabot, Beverly

    Saturday, June 3rd
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, June 8th
    Franz Ferdinand
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Friday, June 9th
    Tina Fey & Amy Poehler
    "Restless Leg Tour"
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Saturday, June 10th
    Bryan Adams
    Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    @ TD Garden

    Friday & Saturday
    June 16th & 17th
    Chris Smither
    @ Club Passim

    Friday, June 16th
    Steve Lacy
    James Blake
    Toro y Moi
    @ the Stage @ Suffolk Downs

    Saturday, June 17th
    LCD Soundsystem
    Jamie xx
    @ the Stage @ Suffolk Downs

    Sunday, June 18th
    Bartees Strange
    @ the Stage @ Suffolk Downs

    Sunday, June 18th
    The Cure
    The Twilight Sad
    @ Xfinity Center

    Wednesday, June 21st
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, June 22nd
    Tiny Habits
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, June 24th
    Teen Suicide
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, July 1st
    @ the Wilbur

    Saturday, July 15th
    Jenny Lewis
    Cass McCombs
    Hayden Pedigo
    @ Roadrunner

    Saturday, July 15th
    Counting Crows
    Dashboard Confessional
    Frank Turner
    @ the Pavilion

    Saturday, July 15th
    Noel Gallagher's
    High Flying Birds
    with Garbage
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Sunday, July 16th
    "Frame & Canvas"
    25th Anniversary Tour
    with guests
    @ the Sinclair

    Sunday, July 16th
    First Aid Kit
    The Weather Station
    @ Roadrunner

    Tuesday, July 18th
    Panda Bear & Sonic Boom
    with Braxe + Falcon
    @ the Paradise

    Tuesday, July 18th
    @ the Pavilion

    Monday & Tuesday
    July 24th & 25th
    Le Tigre
    @ the Royale

    Tuesday & Wednesday
    July 25th & 26th
    Billy Strings
    @ the Pavilion

    Thursday, July 27th
    Jason Isbell and
    the 400 Unit
    @ Roadrunner

    Saturday, August 5th
    Mellow Bravo
    Cask Mouse
    Hayley Thompson-King
    @ the Sinclair

    Saturday, August 5th
    @ Xfinity Center

    Friday, August 11th
    Band of Horses
    The Revivalists
    @ the Pavilion

    Friday, August 11th
    Glen Hansard &
    Marketa Irglova
    (of the Swell Season)
    @ the Wang

    Saturday, August 19th
    Sigur Ros
    with an orchestra
    @ the Wang

    Saturday & Sunday
    August 19th & 20th
    In Between Days Festival
    Modest Mouse, Lord Huron, Metric,
    Trampled By Turtles, Sunny Day Real
    Estate, Cautious Clay, Yoke Lore,
    Blitzen Trapper, Allison Ponthier,
    Illiterate Light, Slothrust,
    Miko Marks, Weakened Friends,
    shallow pools, Kat Wright,
    Fantastic Cat, Dwight & Nicole,
    Paper Tigers, Dutch Tulips,
    Carissa Johnson, Mint Green,
    Gypsy Moths, & Sweet Petunia
    @ Veterans Memorial Stadium, Quincy

    Thursday, August 24th
    Jimmy Eat World
    Manchester Orchestra
    Middle Kids
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Thursday, August 24th
    Bruce Springsteen
    & the E Street Band
    @ Gillette Stadium

    Friday, August 25th
    Alex G
    @ the Pavilion

    Sunday, September 3rd
    The Offspring
    A Simple Plan
    Sum 41
    @ the Xfinity Center

    Tuesday, September 5th
    Weyes Blood
    Sir Chloe
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Wednesday, September 6th
    Duran Duran
    Nile Rodgers & Chic
    @ TD Garden

    Tuesday & Wednesday September 12th & 13th
    Death Cab For Cutie
    The Postal Service
    @ MGM Music Hall

    Thursday, September 14th
    Peter Gabriel
    @ the Garden

    Wednesday, September 20th
    @ the Royale

    Wednesday, September 20th
    Death Grips
    @ House of Blues

    Friday, September 22nd
    Tegan & Sara
    Carlie Hanson
    @ Roadrunner

    Friday, September 22nd
    Lady Lamb
    celebrates 10 years
    of "Ripely Pine"
    @ the Sinclair

    Wednesday, October 11th
    The Mission UK
    The Chamelons
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Monday, October 23rd
    @ the Sinclair

    Thursday, October 26th
    @ Brighton Music Hall

    Tuesday, October 31st
    Depeche Mode
    @ the Garden

    Saturday, November 4th
    Amyl and the Sniffers
    Die Spitz
    @ Roadrunner

    Thursday, November 30th
    Nation of Language
    Miss Grit
    @ the Sinclair